Burnley v Arsenal (PL)

Premier League
Sunday November 26, 2pm
Turf Moor

  • Arsenal have won their last six meetings in all competitions against Burnley

  • Arsenal won both Premier League meetings with the Clarets last season courtesy of 90th-minute winners – only the second ever occasion of a team doing this home and away against the same opponent

  • Our away record this season is atrocious. Only 4 points out of a possible 18. And 3 of those points came against the worst Everton side known to man

  • Burnley win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Tight win.

For Burnley :slight_smile:

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Yeah, i’ve been optimistic and gone for a draw. But we’ve all seen this part of the movie before – follow up a really good performance with a Sunday league one.

We should win this.
It will be close, maybe 1-0 but we have an easy game after this, at home to Huddersfield, and then one of our most difficult games of the season,at home to Man U.

We rode the best of our luck last year to win this game when we should have probably lost and Burnley are as good if not better than they were last year while we are as bad if not worse than last year. + our away record is abysmal and Burnley is the exact type of physical, defensive side we’d usually struggle against. All sentiments aside we should be losing this and if we win, it’d be against all odds imo.

Hope we win but Burnley have been immense this season specially at home gonna go for a 0-1 loss or a 1-1 draw

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This is a loss we are going to be blunt as usual up front dominate possession with no reward. One counter we go one nil down chase the game with burnley having 11 behind the ball

We are gonna show them the D 2 or 3 nil.

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We are not winning. Our away form is bloody awful.

Given we are 1-1-4 in our 6 games away from home in the league it’s really hard to predict Arsenal to win at Burnley, I’m going to say a cagey 1-1 Draw.


Wearing the black third top

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So are we winning? :wink:

Against all odds to fucking Burnley what a time to be alive

We just need a goal early and it’ll be comfortable, once we score they aren’t going to do much, they’ve got a low ambition where they just defend…

Our home kit would probably clash less than than a dark top.

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The problem is to score earlier. Do you remember last season?

We beat them with 2 late winners, so it’ll make things 100x easier if we have a good start and an early goal

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That’s for sure. It just depends on how we turn up.

Think this is an odd choice from Arsenal. Should have gone with the Blue away kit. Fucking wankers.

3-0 Burnley