Burnley v Arsenal (PL)


Our GD though :xhaka:


Who manages Liverpool? Definitely rather have dat guy managing us rt now lulz :joy:



all three last minute winners and celebrations for each goal


Exactly what I wanted to see, some fight and digging in in the first half and the patience to eventually find a way through.

Definitely was a pen and they can fuck off for all their time wasting.

We’re back in our favourite spot :slight_smile:


Feels good man :sunglasses:



We must be the most hated club by Burnley fans, they’re fuming on twitter. I love it


Well I’m surprised they figured out how to use Twitter.




It demonstrates just how myopic football supporters can be. The Burnley fans would be singing Lee Mason’s praises for his performance, had he given them the same decision.

I thought he was a shit referee before kickoff, and my opinion is only strengthened after.


I know it wasn’t important but I’m not sure ive ever seen a more ridiculous decision then when Ramsey got cleaned out jumping for the ball just before half time.

Truly bizarre, would love to see a gif of it again.


Just like London buses.
No wins against top half teams and then two come along.
Another late win for us which shows we have a bit of fight, which something we have lacked.
We should beat Huddersfield in the next game and then the game I most want to win, against Man U.


November is usually a shit month for us. Our last two PL wins (and the fury they created) have been bloody fantastic. The best two back to back wins for a long time!


It really was fucking ridiculous



That was truly baffling how he adjudged the it was foul for Burnley, when clearly the guy looks at Ramsey and the ball and plays the man; he made no attempt for ball.



Been a great 2 weeks. We beat Spurs the medias favourite team and Dyche their favourite manager


Burnley fans on the radio last night were furious:

“Everyone in the stadium knew that a penalty was coming. We were taking bets on whether it’d be an offside, a handball like we’ve had before, and we genuinely went ‘nah, it’s gonna be a dive in the 91st minute. It’s gonna be a penalty’ because Mason has been looking to give one all game”

“Mason booked Defour for decent. In the second half Alexis Sanchez throws a tantrum and is yelling and Mason just goes ‘calm down’.”

“Big club bias”

“The FA should look at Ramsey’s penalty because he deceived the ref”

Glorious stuff




Still not really sure how we got that first one tbh, understandable not seeing the handball but unless I am missing something once it contacts Koscielny it’s clearly offside, no?