I mean to be fair he’s been doing an outstanding job, maybe he wants to carry on for a while yet.

He is but it’s easy for your head to turn if bigger teams come calling. Think he had an opening when the season ended with Chelsea, PSG, Napoli(and Spurs lol) looking for a coach. Could’ve exited them and nobody would blame him.

That’s why I think there’s bigger fish for him to fry.

Value for money


meanwhile manu spent £100m on Antony which has caused nothing but an issue to them and you hear THE GLAZERS THEY DONT SPEND. They spend a lot…but on utter junk.

A very well run club, especially in today’s mad footballing world

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De Zerbi gotta get praise and Brighton, lose 2 stud midfielders and it seems to make next to no difference on performance.


That is just like what Pep is doing with City, Klopp on the other hand is taking way more time to rebuild Liverpool.

I truly look forward to them getting relegated in a couple of years while people go “remember when everyone said they were a model of a well run club?”

Why do you think they’ll get relegated in a couple years?

It’s the trend for lower reputation teams, such is the way of the sport. Recent years you’ve had the Leicesters, Southamptons of the league held up as prime examples. As the say, the cream rises to the top, but the same is also true for teams returning to their norm eventually.

Unless they get some oil sugar daddy cunts of course, then anything is possible.

I think within 5 years they’ll be back in the Championship.

I can see them lasting, think Tony Bloom (Local guy also) is one of the betters owners out there. Leicester owners just stopped trying and Southampton were overrated (They had a lot of duds).


Well the main guy died in that helicopter crash right, sort of when down hill from there except for the one off FA Cup

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Crystal Palace came up in 2013 and are still comfortably a premier league club. No reason to suggest Brighton can’t continue

Considering how many top PL players they’ve sold like, White, Trossard, Caicedo, MacAlister, Sanchez, Cucurella, Bissouma, etc, as well as changing the manager, they’re actually better than they were.

It would be interesting to see what difference it would have made if they had reinvested all the money they got from these players but it’s fair to say that Brighton are the best run club in the PL.

£80k a week seems quite low?

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5 year contract… £200m price tag confirmed

80k for Brighton is low?!

Unless there’s release clause in there, his agent needs to be fired immediately.

If he didn’t renew, he would have had a year left in his deal next summer.

Doubt he was on even half that previously but yeah release clause is a must if not someone isn’t doing their job properly