Hughton sacked. Absolute bell ends.


It’s tough on him but I can understand it.

Three wins from the last 23 games, if Cardiff got a result here and there Brighton could have been relegated. They sleep walked into the relegation battle.

Hughton is too defensive and not adventurous away from home, the way he plays means he doesn’t get enough out of that team IMO, you easily see the same being the case next year where they simply move closer and closer to being relegated.


Wish they had got relegated tbh. I just hate how they’ve been somewhat a bit of a bogey team for us since they got promoted.

It is harsh, I don’t think he deserved to be sacked as such – but perhaps a fresh approach is needed by Brighton?

There was a fan on the radio the other week who said he thought club and manager should part ways at the end of the season as they’d reached what he called a “natural end”.

So although it’s not a decision i’d have made, I do kinda understand it. Hindsight will tell us of course, but this could well be his ceiling as far as Brighton are concerned.

It could be the other way round.
Hughton is a decent manager and it could be Brighton that have reached their ceiling and Hughton might do better with another club.

Look at what happened at Ipswich.
Their supporters were fed up with McCarthy because he wasn’t getting into the playoffs so they get rid of him and get relegated.

Hughton was sacked by Newcastle as well and they didn’t do so well after he left.

I can easily see Brighton struggling next season and getting relegated.

Modern day football in a nutshell. Just cause they are in the Premiership the board think all of a sudden Hughton can turn them into a free flowing side. It just can’t happen like that for everyone, some teams just need to grind things out. Especially the budget they work with. Who’s going to do better. Don’t be surprised if Brighton head down next season.

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Graham Potter is the favourite to take over. He only finished 10th in the Championship.

Start of this decade he took the Ostersund job in Sweden’s fourth tier. This time last year he was in Sweden’s top flight and now in a couple months he could be a Premier League manager.

Not sure anyone would be surprised if Brighton were to be relegated with or without Hughton to be honest

Big call that :laughing:


I can see why he was sacked.

They had a terrible second half of the season and where very lucky to stay up. Fans got sick of his defensive football aswell.

They probably needed a fresh ideas.

Feel sorry for Hughton tho as he’s a decent man. He’ll get a championship job easily.

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So instead of a pragmatic coach they want some utopia driven coach so they can ensure their relegation next season. Checks out.

Some pragmatic coach who nearly took them down.

He got them promoted and has kept them up twice. Things just come to a natural end. He’s been there since December 2014. They probably just one some fresh ideas

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Cue Allerdyce or Pardew.


I’m willing to bet Brighton won’t go near them haha

Looks like Celtic are interested in him. He’s shot right up the odds for that job in the last couple of hours.


They will in around January next year when they look doomed.

Celtic would be a great job for Hughton.

Brighton have one of the best defences in the bottom half with Ryan Dunk and Duffy I think they will be alright.

They weren’t even close to a relegation battle in the first half of the season. The fact they won twice in the second half is what nearly fucked them haha


Because they are the best team in Scotland. Easy trophies if he does a good job and he can manage in the CL if he can get them through the qualifiers.


What @Calum said. Plus the dude is 60, could do without constant relegation battles.


I’m not really surprised he’s gone. OK he managed to keep them up (just), but it felt like that was down to other teams, like Cardiff failing to take full advantage, more than Brighton doing it themselves. Their only wins in the League in 2019 were against a terrible Huddersfield who nearly everyone has beaten and Palace. They lost a crucial relegation home match against Cardiff, but thankfully for them it wasn’t decisive in the end.

Maybe they could’ve continued next season with Houghton with certain criterias needing to be met early in the season to keep his job, but I think they probably feel start afresh next season and try a different approach. Houghton’s taken them as far as he can. He’s done a great job from where they were. But they do come across as far too conservative and defensive. Brighton as a club has quite a lot of potential, with a superb stadium etc. It’s like so many of these midtable-bottom end teams, if you can find a manager that can really spark a team, you are definately capable of pushing a bit further up towards top 10 on the right season.