Brighton Thread

Oh of course not. I believe in the strategy :100:, especially for a club like Brighton. It was inevitable they’d suffer while the replacements got acclimated.

Good opportunity to nab RDZ if Man Utd had a brain.

If he gets the opportunity now he’ll absolutely take it.

No coach can save United.


You’re giving up your rdz to city agenda already?

I’d assume they want Arteta to replace Pep, no?

Don’t think there’s any point in assuming anything with that lot. Top brass could end up fucking off when pep does too or anything


Yeah but I’m not sure how feasible that is now. Last we hear about that was spring of 2022, and a lot has changed since then.

For starters, the club renewed Arteta’s deal and then we’ve proven to be actual rivals to them.

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Say what

In fairness as far as other teams go, Brighton are pretty likeable.

Just that Andy naylor cunt who needs to get in the bin.

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Andy Naylor was a case of Arsenal fans rattling themselves for no reason. Or rather the social media element of the club being dumb.

He was courting it and trying to make a name for himself.

Not condoning any abuse but he was clearly trying to big up Brighton and how smart Tony Bloom is. It was kind of pathetic from someone who’s supposed to be covering the club as a journalist.

You proved my point.

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At long last, a home win!

Put an end their scoring in 32 consecutive games as well.


Gosh, walking back home for 25-30 mins after the Roma game sounds like I escaped a potential stabbing.
That said, I’m not surprised. Rome feels hella shady at night.

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Fair to question de Zerbi but it’s a strange outburst, they perhaps have some beef for Capello to be taking shots like that.

De Zerbi criticism is a bit overblown imo. They didn’t really invest the transfer income and they’ve been missing Mitoma for a while. When you look at the table, it’s hard to say they should definitely be above any of the teams they’re behind.


Losing Caicedo & MacAllisted and replacing them with a very raw Baleba will certainly impact the performance.

That caught me off guard.
Gotta be Barca-bound.