Think he’ll fair better than potter, if he ends up somewhere like Barca he’ll do well as they’re suited to his style and the league is simply easier to navigate.

Could be a move that elevates him after his stock dropped this season.

Should go back for Potter

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Would be laughable if conned a top job


Think De Zerbi will end up at Bayern.

What’s he really done wrong at Brighton? Hard to say they should be any higher in the table. Squad was pretty weak this year and they made Europe last season and made it out of the group.

Fits the bill as a promising manager young in the game, which is pretty much how he seems to be ranked.

Outside of the real top guys, he’s probably as good a guy to take a punt on as any other.

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The fact that the top managers rate him and praise his way of playing shows enough for me.

Loads of injuries, sold some top talents and still navigated europe and PL fairly well given their first attempt.

It will be interesting to hear the reason why he’s leaving.

I’m yet to be convinced by his approach. And I know he’s been influential in the way teams are building up from the back.

We’ll see…

He’s being linked to Bayern as the “first” choice. It’s an excellent squad but a tough gig with Alonso still around.

Nagglesman got put in a blender there, a few of coaches avoided the job. Red flags there, especially coming in with no CV

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Seems to me like he’s one of those managers who has a blueprint for something really good but hasn’t had the platform to see if it works properly.

From what I understand, he’s very influential on his approach to the game and very highly regarded by other coaches and managers.

If he lands a top job and bombs then that’ll tell us what we need to know but Brighton have invested extremely poorly after selling top players and also had so many injury problems to the good players they do have.


I think he was dealt a bad hand.

He lost the spine of his team in Mac Allister and Caicedo.

They qualified in Europe and instead of strengthening the team, they got significantly weaker.
Their biggest signing was Joao Pedro from the Championship. And as talented as Joao Pedro is, he wasn’t particularly lighting it up at Watford.

They also then had their fair share of injuries with Mitoma, March, Estupinan, Webster, Enciso and others.

Lots of Leicester signs from Brighton if you ask me. You won’t always hit the jackpot with obscure signings.


Fabregas has a video where he goes into his preferred tactics and it’s basically a copy and paste of De Zerbi’s approach. Can’t knock the influence

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Brighton definitely underinvested last summer. They are really missing a bit of quality like what MacAllister gave them. The teams above them have all spent decent money.

I think that lack of movement may have been a factor in RDZ parting ways.

Big problem was losing a 60m player for 35m. They were never going to even get close to replacing macallister with the money they got.

Also with their transfer approach it takes time for the players to gel and grow, they lost some experience and didn’t really have anyone to lead the way bar gross and dunk.

Depends what @sevchenko means by overrated. Brighton and De Zerbi had mad hype in the early stages of the season by the media.

Villa qualified for the CL which is far greater than anything Brighton’s done.

He’s a competent coach though, but some saviour? Na.

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This is excuses to me, which speaks to the issues with a small sample. You get judged on the good and bad in coaching as it comes to you. I don’t see people giving EtH grace because of injuries.

All signs seems to suggest where BHA currently are at their actual level this season whereas they over performed relative to their talent last season?

Does this warrant a gig of a top job? Because he has an outline to play “progressive” football? To me it doesn’t

I need to see more

Dubious. They’ve invested heavily; 100m or more each of the last 3 seasons. Still a good achievement but Brighton in 8th last season was pretty close (only a couple of wins last season short of where Villa are this season).

Its interesting, I wonder if Emery will ever get another chance at a top club.

He’s currently a better coach than DeZerbie in every facet but will never get close to a Bayern or Barca no what what he does.

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Absolutely they invested, I don’t think this changes anything, especially considering the status of the teams the passed to get there. (Spurs, United, Chelsea, Newcastle)

I mean you did ask the question on this a couple weeks back and a few of us acknowledged it.

However few differences:

  • ETH is more of a whiny cunt blaming it every week
  • ETH spent 250m in his first window at united, with that luxury you can’t cry about injuries
  • ETH manages our historic rival so automatically becomes a cunt

De zerbi widely acknowledged as underperforming this season compared to last but injuries aren’t the only factor been called out. Maybe he was a bit overhyped last season but there’s a lot in play as to why they’ve dropped a bit this year.


Because his team has better depth than Brighton?

And their injuries are also very questionable. Cases like Sancho and Rashford where we know they lied about injuries to mask other internal issues.

There is no excuse for being grouped with Sheffield and Burnley defensively and offensively being in the bottom half.
Had it not been for the individual brilliance of their players they would be fighting to stay in the league.

A better example for your argument would be Newcastle and Howe.