It does change the context of the comparison. 300m is a fair whack so expectations should be higher. I just don’t think it’s far greater than what Brighton did last year. Better, sure, that probbaly flies.

I think it is. We’re talking about a closed shop ceiling that’s really hard for these clubs to break. They did it. Most likely only once but they did it.

Expectations…hmm who really expected Villa to be 4th?


Ipswich losing their coach after being promoted. That would be fucked.

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they face competition from Chelsea and Manchester United for the Ipswich manager.

Who would’ve thought that two big 6 clubs and Brighton would be fighting for a manager that has just earned promotion in the PL.

Fair play to him.

back to back promotions as well, did get beat by Maidstone in the FA cup though

You never forget your first love. Where’s @Stroller when you need him.

Bloom likes the hipster options for head coach. They really need to find the spark with recruitment if this guy is going to succeed. History tell us its nearly impossible to sustain constant gem finding

Man, I thought he’d want to stay and coach FCSP in the top flight.

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Surely from your POV its a great thing for American coaching he’s taking the step up?

Or is it too early you reckon?

It’s a big gamble for both sides

I guess? I don’t know how much of his football education occurred here. I don’t think he grew up in the States and idk that he played here in MLS
or college.

Hoping this doesn’t put a spanner in the works for FCSP. Having just returned to the top flight, I’m hoping they can put up a decent enough fight to stay up.