Plot twist: no soldiers are driving the tanks. Instead panic has subsided and everyone has gone back to their normal fuel filling habits prior to the media generated panic.

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They did though, right? Or at least got very close to doing so.


Basically no reason to reject this based on what’s in this thread. Although I’m pretty sure Frost can only get hard when thinking he is getting one over on the EU though so who knows…

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I wonder how upset the loyalists in Northern Ireland would be if they discovered a significant portion of the rest of the UK wouldn’t really care if we just handed them over to the EU tomorrow.

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Probably the same as the people in Hong Kong where.

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To be fair, that is a nice dress.

So is brexit the cause of higher food prices in America then?

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Saw a story that the Dollar store has been forced to increase its prices due to supply issues and inflation, customers are preparing a lawsuit in response :joy:

But it’s brexits fault don’t you know lol

It’s never the fault of Brexit

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Has anyone claimed it is?