That’s actually funny lol, btw he is a comedian playing a character on Twitter.

The whole diversity thing was due to all lefty’s were saying diversity has made the England team better :rofl:

Was that his explanation?

What’s the name of the character he is playing on twitter? Looks more like a comedian simply posting under their own name, rather than one playing a character, like Al Murray The Pub Landlord, to name an example.

I feel foolish for not realising that he’s basically twitter’s answer to Larry David doing Curb Your Enthusiasm.


Nothing is ever his fault according to him. He really is a bumbling and lazy man. Never on top of anything in the detail. No idea when this will end.

Managed to get some diesel for my wife’s car today (still no petrol for my car anywhere though). 25 minute queue and it cost me a fortune. Had to go on the motorway to get it 1.53 per litre - gulp!!

Not sure what the pound to euro conversion rate is these days, but in The Netherlands we pay almost € 2,- per liter on the higwhway.

At least there aren’t any queues though :wenger2:

Almost 200 Military tanker personnel - 100 of which are drivers - will be deployed from Monday to provide temporary support to petrol stations and address the shortage of HGV drivers

Tories 38 (+1)
Labour 31 (-1)


Blame brexit for a shortage in HGV drivers although nearly every country had the same problem.

Oh no it’s brexits fault for climate change and covid etc

That’s someone that can’t see the irony in wanting a serf class lol

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People who voted on this, will almost never admit they might have been wrong. It’s all ideology at this point.


Must just be a coincidence that 100k drivers left post Brexit and the army had to be called in to drive the tankers to deliver fuel. Same everywhere else that didn’t Brexit right? :rofl:


Yeah I don’t get this argument, Denmark doesn’t have any shortages lol


Don’t really know which direction Boris has gone. But if conditions for drivers get better and wages go up, I’ll be well happy with anyone who voted leave, actual change for people.

Has he said anything about bringing back foreign labour or asking businesses and dvla to sort it out?

I’ve noticed the Labour Market on sites has gone down as I talk to the area contract managers alot. And wages are rising even higher which is mind blowing to me.

Maybe schools and Colleges will stop under selling trades and these other routes.

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Germany is miss about 40-60k drivers I know people who used to work in the industry this has been brewing for years. Covid just accelerated it

You can very easily argue the same for hardcore remainers/FBPE types, who crave any kind of news that can be perceived as negative to perpetuate their ideological support of the EU.

The way Brexit has evolved, it stupid to measure it’s subjective “success” in simple binary terms like right or wrong at this stage.

I meant people who voted either way. They’ve dug their trench, and nothing will convince them that they might have been wrong.

Remainers refuse to accept any benefits, and Leavers refuse to accept any downsides.

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This has also inadvertently helped the environment. By reducing ability of consumerism.

And if the Gov find a use for the army that doesn’t involve blowing brown children up, maybe that’s another unintentional win.

If as @SpankyJoyJoy say, these heartless fucks decide to improve conditions for British workers and make these jobs more attractive, then the Tories will have earnt their ‘poll increase despite being shit’ this time.

I won’t hold my breath though.

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It hasn’t stopped any consumerism, slowed it down a little perhaps.

The soldiers driving tanks won’t stop a single soldier being deployed.

If conditions improve it will be because there was no other choice (and when the government shows a willingness to basically bail out the industry with the army when things get bad it will only slow that down anyway).

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