It’s the right choice. May has no mandate to exclude parliament.


ahaha u thought u lived in a democracy oooops no u dont

Correct decision. The government has to set out their plan to parliament before they trigger article 50. I don’t even know why the government is being so coy, what do they think they are hiding from European leaders that they do not already know?

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And whatever they’re hiding, how long are they seriously planning on doing it for? Surely on day 1 of triggering the clause you then say what you want, it’s not like she’s going to hold stuff back for 18 months and then somehow cleverly play some trump card to get a better deal at the last minute…? I can’t see how letting them know what you want, even if it’s unrealistic, is somehow letting the opposition in on your trade secrets. All the secrecy says in my mind is that they’re willing to make big compromises but don’t want to admit it.

I really don’t know what people are expecting from these “negotiations” anyway. I was under the impression that what really mattered was the logistics and admin of who gets custody of the guinea pigs and the toaster rather than negotiating mega trade deals. Brexit was sold as “we can trade with the world”, so people really shouldn’t be dreaming of some kind of have-your-cake-and-eat-it European agreement that will fit in nicely with everything else we want.

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Fckn right they need to be asked, who the fck voted MAY in ??

God watching PMQ’s really shows you just how clueless Theresa May is over Brexit. Constantly using the same rhetoric all the time. No details over what Brexit will look like, and she can’t even provide any information on how many civil servants will be required.

What a shambles lol

Thing is she hasnt been told what to do yet .
Brexit caught them all on the hop,nobody had any sort of strategy of what to do next.
If she had triggerred clause 50 right away the EU would have melted down in seconds .
I wish she had but in the end any Bexit will be watered down to the effect of a non Brexit !

I think she is a bit in a “lose-lose situation”. A true Hard Brexit would probably a disaster for the City of London, while a soft one wouldn’t be good for the right-wing Tories.


The whole Hard Brexit talk is just posturing .
She couldnt say anything else
Until she triggers article 50 the rest of the EU cant negotiate anything with us .
Butr she is mindful that many of the 17 million who voted for OUT are Tory Voters who she doesnt want to alienate just yet anyway !

If she knows that the people won’t stand for uncontrolled immigration then her only negotiating tactic is bluffing that we’re willing to leave completely instead of being forced into those rules. Then hope that they’ll come around and let us have some control and that’ll probably be enough to sell people a half exit.

Either she’s going to get the kind of deal Cameron promised and failed to deliver or we’ll probably leave.

I think too much emphasis is being put on this single market anyway. The day we leave it shrinks by 17% and with how the political climate is changing around Europe who knows how long it’ll even last? People that voted to leave don’t like the EU and a lot of people that voted to stay don’t like the EU either it’s just some thought we were better off in than out. If in 10 years we’re doing well and the EU isn’t and someone like France decides to leave then there’s basically no longer an EU and we’ll probably revert to some kind of customs union and not be missing out on anything.

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I don’t blame May too much for her stance to be honest. Politically she can’t keep us in the EEA or EFTA because the people clearly voted for control on immigration and to do our own trade deals. She’s in a difficult, if not impossible, position. Compare her to Corbyn right now and the difference is incredible.

As for the single market; I think ultimately it could prove quite costly. We’re a strong country so we should be able to cope fine, but no doubt we would’ve been stronger in a market of 500+ million. I never like when EU leaders say no europe a la carte though, as if all 4 freedoms exist perfectly in the current state of the EU.
There will be opportunities to us that we’ll have to take wisely. I was pretty upset directly after the referendum, heck I still am today, but we have to give it a chance. No point complaining forever, albeit complaining is very different to campaigning. If the Lid Dems get their shit together they may have my vote.

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The great thing about all the muppets who voted for this on the back of there too many Blacks, Asians, Indians and anyone else they don’t like… is that now the number of people from these areas will increase to fill our labour shortage. Healthcare workers, Doctors, Software engineers, Electricians etc - all once brought in to fill the shortage of skilled labour in this country from Europe are now going to come from these regions.

Fucking Classic…


The EU Commission has outlined its potential vision(s) for Europe today. Not really Brexit related per se but important nontheless to the future of Europe.

I read the UK wants to stop european citizens from entering in the UK now. They don’t want to wait to officially leave the EU. Utter bollocks.

The same day wenger makes his announcement.


Bloody awful day that then. :joy: