Clear as day that Tommy is bottling it, and doesn’t want to lose to a YT guy :slight_smile:

edit - oh wait, so he is actually barred from entering the US?

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Hearn denied this today and said he’s chasing Keith Thurman for Benn.

Hilarious to see that Fury reps have apparently reached out to Derek Chisora for a fight.

So rather than wait 2 and a half weeks for the outcome of AJ - Usyk II - Fury would rather pursue a third fight with someone who’s not only not very good but also someone he’s beaten twice before.

I’m surprised people still fall for this guys crap. Honestly his return to boxing since his ban for using anabolic steroids is;

Wilder x 3

He’s got two defences of his one title and will pass on the biggest fight in boxing and a chance to unify the division so he can be someone he handily beat like 8 years ago

Floyd better remember this. He’s an idiot for taking this fight and an idiot for taking it easy on Logan.
Now he goes out there saying he beat you. :man_shrugging:

Ortiz vs Mckinson tonight/this morning. Ortiz should win, but it should show whether Mckinson is world level or not.

Fury is genuinely chasing a third match against someone he beat easily instead of the winner of AJ - Usyk

How can people still think this guy is genuine lol

Obviously, it is a fight which Fury wins but it gives him a run out in England before the end of the year. It’s better than him fighting mma fighters or actors.

Why doesn’t he just wait a week to see who wins the AJ - Usyk fight?

It’s a bum fight against a non entity that’s he’s fought 2 times.

There are at least other heavyweight contenders he could fight if he needs a keep busy. It’s just excuse after excuse for Fury

Which UK-based fighters are there for Fury to fight realistically as a tune up? I have a few, but can explain why they don’t make sense.

Fury will have been out of the ring for a year in October. What would the sense be in fighting AJ in December of Jan after 15 months out?

A lot of what Fury says is smoke and mirrors though. Not a lot of what he says is to be taken seriously. I wouldn’t pay for Chisora vs Fury, but a lot would.

Which other heavyweights do you think he should fight out of interest?

He fought in April mate against Dillian Whyte.

I’ve had a stinker there! Of course he did!

Who do you think he should be fighting if not AJ or Usyk?

I agree now by the way, Chisora makes zero sense.

Fury is the greatest heavyweight of our time :sunglasses:

A lot will also depend on what fight Usyk v AJ is. If it’s a 12 round slugfest, then the winner will likely take time off before fighting again. So it could be 16 months before Fury can even fight them.

Nah I don’t think this is what will happen. The likely scenario is that the winner should fight Fury by January - February and Fury has literally been fighting once a year for the better part of the last 3 years anyway so it’s not like he needs an immediate fight.

Either way Fury is being a clown again and doing what he does best regarding matchmaking

There are plenty of interesting fights for Usyk and AJ whether they win or lose.

Sadly, boxing in a political games between promoters and TV stations. I wouldn’t expect to see an undisputed fight any time soon.

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I don’t think it’ll live up to either of their dads’ fights but it should whet the appetite nevertheless.