Let’s fucking go!

Fucking great fight. Must have been a bad eye injury for them to throw in the towel.

Canelo and Khan are wastemen

Golovkin v Canelo MUST HAPPEN!!

Brook’s value has risen tonight, wouldn’t mind seeing him fight Thurman now.

Seeing as it’s looking unlikely he’ll move back to 147, maybe a fight against a Cotto or Lara at 154 would make sense and then the winner of that and the Canelo Smith fight come together next year.

Terrific five rounds. Respect to Brook for stepping up and displaying his skill. Was too big an ask for an unnatural middleweight to continually press and nullify the monster middleweight. The eye socket injury pretty much exemplified the immense power of Golovkin.

Had my eye socket busted it’s not a nice injury and had he continued would have been hurt badly. Had the injury not happened genuinely believe would have given GGG a run for his money. Think Brooks stature has risen and if he was to have another crack at GGG would be a great fight.

All that fight demonstrated, is that Golovkin’s chin is made from titanium. The crowd may have got all excited, but Gennady never looked phased, never looked in trouble.

It was only a matter of time before he hurt Brook, and ended the fight.


Canelo is going to dodge GGG. A shame boxing is so corrupt because it could be as exciting as mma if it could get it’s thumb out of it’s ass.

The state it is in is disgraceful now. One of the worst things Mayweather did was make these guys care so much about their win loss records.

Now the best don’t meet the best. This is wrong. I thought when he retired it would get better but Oscar De La Hoya turned out to be a massive hypocrite unless he fixes GGG-Canelo NOW.

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Did you notice the way Golovkin kept nodding with a sort of approval every time Brook landed a punch lol

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Brook didn’t have the power to hurt GGG. That’s why GGG fought him like he did. When he respects you he doesn’t block your punches with his face (see Lemieux fight).

Valiant effort but Brook power is suited to 147 if I’m honest. At 154 I’d back him to beat most people so long as they aren’t named Erislandy Lara or possibly Canelo (although strangely I’d definitely back Brook over the ducking Mexican).

IMO this fight wasn’t a good look for GGG, doesn’t increase his stock at all.

Was much much more impressed with Chocolatito’s victory over Cuadras, arguably the best P4P boxer out there and made history last night.

No idea why it isn’t being talked about in here.

Poor Roman is a lighter guy. Historically the focus has been on them much less, but imo and most journos opinion he is the P4P king.

I don’t see anyone in the division hurting him. Even Canelo chose to vacate his belt, give it to Golovkin, and then drop down a weight rather than facing him in the ring.

Golovkin literally scares me. He is a dangerous man.

Golovkin should have been disqualified for headbutting Brooks’ hands.

Anthony Crolla just lost a decision against Jorge Linares tonight. Apparently it was a good fight, did anyone watch?

25 years old. How very sad. RIP

Tyson Fury has retired from boxing everybody!!!


He’s announced his return to boxing.

Honestly, I’m not shitting you :laughing:

He’s not even #TheGreatest fat chubber from whatever northern shit hole he crawled out of.

I hate the cunt and it’s just a shame he’s ducked the Klitschko rematch twice as i’m sure i’m not the only English person that would love to see him get twatted.