Remember him?

Short Fury interview.

Grand Arrivals.

Usyk reaction.

Fury explaining why he beats Usyk

Right folks we got a fight tomorrow night please be quick and take a sh*te - blink and you may miss it - init (Bars)

Did you enjoy the Luke Fury and Ngannou fight?

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Be interesting fight tonight. I know Usyk movement, activity and ability to control the range (even against big guys) is exceptional and he’s a world class fighter.

But Fury looks supremely dialled in will be interesting to see if he can spoil the fight his size and try a lot of leaning and holding in the early rounds.

This fight will be a defining moment in Fury’s career though. Its the first legitimate world class opponent he’s had since Wlad all them years ago. Wilder and Whyte are the only top 10 guys he’s fought since then with the former being exposed as just not being anything special and the latter had already been knocked out twice.

A win here would solidify Fury as the best heavyweight of his generation.


Please can fury’s terrorism of the boxing scene stop tonight.

Been an absolutely shit champion apart from the wilder fights.


Hearing it’s an 11pm walk on?

(Hope it’s earlier)

Praying Usyk does us all a favour tonight


It will be 11pm at the earliest. A bit strange really as Big Fights in the UAE have tended to be a little earlier than what we’ve been used to for the big fights in the UK.

Can’t wait for Fury to beat Usyk down. Nothing against Usyk, but bored of the hype now. He was crap vs Dubois. Fury is a level above.


10.30 ring walk now apparently

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Gonna be later at this rate.

Saudis are going all in with these fights ffs. They’re inviting every top celebrity and athlete under the sun.


Whoever the fuck this dude is, he’s horrific and wish they’d just fucking get on with it.


The Saudi’s try too hard. Just let us watch the boxing. Nobody who watches a boxing event wants to see a concert before the main event.


Anyone got a good stream for this? PM me

Bout time, Lets go Team Fury

I get why they do it but I’ve always despised how we have to have sports mixed with entertainment (music or movie stars).

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Right in that fat belly Gwan Usyk

Man, the handicap here is noticeable. Usyk is having a hard time reaching Fury.

Perhaps I spoke too soon.

Fury’s best round in the 4th but Usyk pressure will tell and Fury will leave openings if he keeps letting his hands go.

Very much a fascinating first 4 rounds.

2-2 on my card.