Fury seems to have composed himself and remembered he’s the much bigger man lol

Fury winning now for me. It’s not looking good brev

Fury has found his range and Usyk is struggling to work it out.

Should have gone for it more there

May regret it

The size difference is huge here. It’s like Usyk is hitting a tree. Fury has looked unfazed.
Couple good hits from Fury and Usyk has significantly slowed down.

Usyk has no power to his hits it seems.


Fury conditioning has impressed me. I’m still of the belief he’ll slow down in the second half of the fight and Usyk will start to find openings. Seems hard to believe he’ll be able to maintain that punch output.

From 10 on Usyk will steam forward but I agree Fury conditioning has been very good up until this point

I need Usyks Soviet titanium chin to stay strong Vs these powerful fury hits.

Precisely as I expected. Openings showing more now as Fury can’t maintain that output.

Usyk set the straight up perfectly in that round.


Usyk still has gears to go too

Really good fight so far

Great fight. Could really go either way from here.


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Usyk downloaded this motherfucker.

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Lmao went back in the lounge to Fury absolutely wobbled.

Fair play Usyk…undisputed lets goooo

Fucking hell!

Usyk is a machine, Fury is done

Fury was bambi on ice damn

Fury was running the ropes like he’s in WWE. Fucking hell.
Usyk sent him to another planet.

Surprised this is still going tbh, Fury was out on his feet but somehow continuing.