The Fury fight lulled people into think Ngannou was a good boxer. He isn’t.

Fury didn’t take him seriously. Aj did.

Tons of interviews from todays Tyson Fury Press Conference.

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June 1st Matchroom vs Queensberry - 5 vs 5 - Hearn vs Warren

EPIC 4K UHD Fight Promo

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Overweight, and a drug cheat.

Pathetic stuff.

All it does is expose that his behaviour in the build up to the fight was totally intentional because he knew he’d get caught for taking drugs.

He was screaming that the elite are out to kill him and they don’t want him to win. So now he’ll use that narrative, which is being eaten up by social media idiots, to defend himself and deny his blatant drug cheating


Wasn’t expecting Garcia to fail a test.

May 4th Canelo
May 6th Inoue
May 18th Fury vs Usyk
June 1st Beterbiev vs Bivol and Wilder vs Zhang
August 3rd - Terence Crawford is back - Andy Ruiz plus Tim Tszyu

Funny how it’s a consistent method among criminals and wronguns who know they’re about to get caught so they preempt it with all this ‘theyre out to get me’ crap.

Like Russell Brand. Didn’t he start talking some far right shite as well?

They should void the fight and have a rematch at the weight and without the doping

Glad the title is still in Haney’s hands. To get as close as he did to a cheat (from reports, didn’t watch) is admirable.

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Surprised he wasn’t caught for cocaine/amphetamines too.

9 days till Fury vs Usyk Undisputed heavyweight title bout.
Tons and tons and tons of interviews out there and coming soon. Been a great week (My lucky touch is 2nd to none)

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The people saying 3lbs is nothing have genuinely never had any kind of combat sport experience lol.

Garcia is a drug cheat and he’s unprofessional.

The funny thing is that I guarantee Garcia will fight at 140 again someday lol

Aside from the advantages, it’s also just straight up disrespectful to the game itself, not making weight is a piece of shit thing to do and he was acting like some badass for missing weight.


Fight Week - it’s time for Undisputed.

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What injury will it be this time

Fury will punch holes in Usyk. Look forward to the excuses after the fight or people suggesting Usyk wasn’t a real test anyway…

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You want blood fight fans - you got it?
Plus, I don’t want no pussy comments - this can happen anytime in massive events.
Check out that lovely limited edition Jacob and Co Ring Of Fire Fury vs Usyk luxury watch (I wish)

That watch looks like something you’d buy for a 5 year old.


Fury was given this Jacob and Co Bugatti Chiron watch for the Ngannou fight.

John Fury is more of a bellend than his son.