Now hearing:

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury in Saudi is a done deal for Feb 25th.

Hopefully the AJ fight is on regular DAZN. Would make sense for the Franklin fight to be in America as well.

Gervonta Davis vs Hector Garcia did 61,000 PPV buys.

It was a shocking match up to be fair.

Tank vs Garcia should go over 500k if it ever gets signed.

Apparently it did 250k buys. What’s your source for the 61k?


I rate that haha.


You should see the comments on an instagram post of it lol.

Suddenly Liam Smith has a lot more fans than he did last week

As much has he’s had a nothing career, Eubank Jr is a brilliant character. It’s a shame that he doesn’t have the boxing skills to match because he could have been a star.

He’ll beat Smith. Not much left for him after this. There’s the Benn gimmick fight, the Saunders rematch and GGG might be an option now.


Never heard of Smith before, but he comes across as a bit of a twat.

Trying to out someone like that is abhorrent.

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Yes, it was very cunty. Tried to get under Eubank’ skin with playground stuff and JR made him look stupid. Eubank got some amazing sly digs in about Liverpool as a city and Smith’ home life.

10-8 round to Smith.

I enjoyed this.

Can’t believe he got in trouble over it.

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Shit, thought Riakporhe had him in the 2nd round there.

Gotta go the long haul and probably wait til 11pm for Eubank now :frowning:

WWE style walk through the car park from Eubank Jr there.


Did not see that coming from Liam Smith after an impressive 3rd from Eubank

I wouldn’t have shaken that twat’s hand.

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Demolished. Long way back for Eubank career.

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Not surprised he lost as I thought Smith would win but definitely surprised he got stopped like that.

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Just catching up on the boxing. Eubank losing to the naturally lower weight fighter in that fashion is a cue to hang the gloves up. He’s finished.

Did he ever really have it? Always thought he was just an average fighter. Don’t think I’ve ever watched Eubank fight and seen anything other than solid domestic level fighter.