Indulging Pinot noir.

Already thinking about a second bottle.

Can I convince the Man Utd supporting missus that its imperative that I get drunk tonight, despite it being a school night?

Just do it anyway.



Quite like this. Very crisp and refreshing. You can taste the saltiness. Would definitely go down well on a hot summer day



The local across the road has got in Cruz Campo for the summer this year. I fucking LOVE this stuff in the hot weather, top beer.

San Miguel over Estrella :henry: I am not having that

Stella for Belgium is criminal

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This is the most onesided group :joy:

:notes: Carling gets battered everywhere it goes :notes:

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Surely there is better beers than carling to represent England lol

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Heineken? Ffs

It’s rigged, they want us to lose. :joy:

I’d rather avoid beer altogether than drink Carling (or Fosters too while I’m at it).

Aside from Carling, what’s the next English beer that comes to mind?

There isn’t one that stands out tbh. We mostly drink non-UK brands.

Ožujsko. Always, easily the best beer in the world


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Camden should be the English beer.

I’d be a turncoat bastard and vote for that over tennent’s

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