So here it goes, I’m really fussy when it comes to drinks and all I really like is Orange Squash/Juice and water, I’m wondering if anyone knows of an alcoholic drink that I would probably like based on this, oh I don’t like fizzy drinks

White wine

Stick some Gin in there. Sorted.



Get a pint down you. #sorted

I would learn how to make cocktails.

A better question Luke is, what alcoholic drinks have you had in the past? When you say you mostly drink Orange Squash/juice and water, that doesn’t exactly scream out as someone who’s bothered much with alcohol before, unless I’m mistaken :slight_smile:


Nothing in the world beats the first gulp of an ice cold pint of lager after a long day for me.


Stuff of gods mate :raised_hands:

Not just after a long day tho. That first pint anytime is glorious ! :joy:


never had alcohol ever

Give us some more background. Whats your history of drinking and is beer a big NO for you?

I had a suspicion that was the case :slight_smile: You pretty much described most of what I drink :sweat_smile: So I knew you were probably similar.

If @Persona were about, he’ll be telling you to stick with a good old dash of Ribena goodness :giroud2:


it’s nothing to me, just because I know that I’m really fussy really

Ok. As @Mysty said go with some Ribena and a big ass amount of vodka.

you wanna start off with a shot of bourbon aged at least 6 years and then follow up with a 40 year old whiskey…thats the best hands down. If you dont like that…just dont bother with the alcohol it just isnt for you :kos2: :henry2:


Fair play if you don’t drink but I feel your really missing out. Going out for drinks is probably one of the best things in life.


No way I’d have started drinking at 27/28 if I hadn’t bothered by that stage.


Think of all the nights out and hangovers missed!

Got a lot of catching up to do @LukeTheGooner :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sounds like you would be into fruity drinks. Right now here in the states all the rage is ready to drink cocktails out of a can. Or Buzzballs which is the same just in the form of a ball. They are sweet and made with real fruit juices, so most times you can’t even really taste the alcohol. Which is dangerous af cuz u can get smashed to bits quickly :joy::joy:


I guess the question is what kind of drinking are u planning on doing? You going out to the pub with some friends or just chillin at home?


Hangovers are just disgusting. Miss being 18 and able to jump straight into a footballmatch the day after drinking.

The sad part about bad hangovers is that your Sunday is totally ruined and wasted.

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