Basketball (NBA/ FIBA)

Tbh I think this definition doesn’t really reflect the meaning of the word. Contender would be someone who can genuinely compete for the title aka a team who has a genuine chance at winning it, which I think the Bulls did.

The previous season would be irrelevant. A team could have the 10 best players in one season and then the worst 10 in the next, so it’d be silly to judge them as a combination, one squad would likely be a contender and the other wouldn’t.

It’s hard to compare with the PL because the NBA has playoffs after the regular season. But yes, I’d say as the 2015-16 season went on, Leicester were eventually contenders, although they wouldn’t have been predicted as such before the season but that’s not the only way to determine a contender imo.

And like Aussie said, the Bulls actually did string together at least two good seasons anyway.

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We just have different definitions

The Bulls started a game 1-20 down against the Heat and beyond all reason…won.


It seems Josh Giddey facing allegations of sex with a minor… she’s allegedly 15


Took me a couple watches :joy:

Sixers stomping the hell out of the Lakers

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LeBron 0 rebound…

Clippers lost to a Nuggets without Jokic, Gordon and Murray.



Rough loss for the Warriors in a game they controlled all the way until the 4th Quarter.

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