Basketball (NBA/ FIBA)

Tbh I think this definition doesn’t really reflect the meaning of the word. Contender would be someone who can genuinely compete for the title aka a team who has a genuine chance at winning it, which I think the Bulls did.

The previous season would be irrelevant. A team could have the 10 best players in one season and then the worst 10 in the next, so it’d be silly to judge them as a combination, one squad would likely be a contender and the other wouldn’t.

It’s hard to compare with the PL because the NBA has playoffs after the regular season. But yes, I’d say as the 2015-16 season went on, Leicester were eventually contenders, although they wouldn’t have been predicted as such before the season but that’s not the only way to determine a contender imo.

And like Aussie said, the Bulls actually did string together at least two good seasons anyway.

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We just have different definitions

The Bulls started a game 1-20 down against the Heat and beyond all reason…won.


It seems Josh Giddey facing allegations of sex with a minor… she’s allegedly 15


Took me a couple watches :joy:

Sixers stomping the hell out of the Lakers

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LeBron 0 rebound…

Clippers lost to a Nuggets without Jokic, Gordon and Murray.



Rough loss for the Warriors in a game they controlled all the way until the 4th Quarter.

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Warriors with another disastrous loss vs the Clippers

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Phoenix just got fucked, Lakers lost posession and called timeout…the refs went with it anyway…

Timeout allowed whilst ball was in dispute was horrific.

You can’t help but simply feel the league wanted the Lakers in Vegas.

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Haliburton’s Pacers knock out the Bucks to go to the In Season Final.

Pelicans-Lakers in the other Semi just started.






Dominance from LeBron

Rubbish from Zion

Stephen Curry having another season of playing great but his team letting him down.

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Clippers starting to play substantially better.

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