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Top 100 Plays: 2016 NBA Season

2016 NBA Finals Mini-Movie (Full) Cavs Defeat Warriors 4-3

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The season is starting up again tomorrow!

The Lakers are probably a couple years away but I thought they looked pretty good in preseason. I imagine they’ll only win about 35 games but if they exceed expectations they could sneak into the playoffs with 45 wins or so.

As far as the rest of the league goes chances are high we’ll see a Cavs vs Warriors finals again. Warriors should take it all this year considering they just picked up a top 3 player in the game in Durant. The rich get richer, although they did lose a lot of depth from their bench so we’ll see.

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There is no way Golden State are not going to win the Championship.

Only issue I see is that they lost all their bigs and depth off the bench in Barbosa. I agree anything less than the title is a failure but I can see teams exploiting their small lineup.

Wasn’t Ezeli somewhat of a weakness for them at some point? With Durant they did add some inches to their small line-up in comparison with Barnes.

Well the big loss is Andrew Bogut. Ezeli was good enough depth off the bench but as a starter when Bogut was injured yeah he was a liability. Now they’ve lost them both. Against OKC last season they were actually outplayed by the opposing starting 5, and the bench came through. They won’t have the bench to save them this season.

Yeah. But they won’t be a problem anymore :stuck_out_tongue:. I don’t think any other team has the same length and pace that OKC starting 5 had, in order to give this Golden State team the same problems.

Excited for the season to start, even if it a forgone conclusion that we will be seeing GSW vs Cleveland in the finals for a 3rd Straight time. Hoping my Blazers can back up last season’s conference semi’s with another playoff appearance.

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They are being picked as a a top 6 team by most pundits. why are you such a fan of Portland?

I wouldn’t be all that surprised if San Antonio beats them in the western conference semis. Popovic is the best coach in the league and they brought in Pau Gasol which is an upgrade on Duncan. So you’ve got Gasol, Aldridge, Leonard, and Green. That’s a lot of length. The blueprint to beat GSW though is make Curry tired by working him on defense. Westbrook destroyed him last year and they barely got away with it. When Irving destroyed him in the finals they couldn’t overcome it. Spurs won’t have that because Parker is past his prime.

Just wanted to be different to most people in Australia tbh so selected a team that was fairly unique when I was younger.

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But the Spurs don’t have the same athleticism and pace in combination with the length OKC had. I don’t see Gasol and Parker or even Aldridge switching everything and hunting them down like OKC could do. I hope I’m wrong though.

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Well they got hammered on opening day :sweat_smile:. 29 point loss against the Spurs. Weird result.

Lillard underestimated MVP candidate imo. But question will be if Portland can win 55+ games. Usually a requirement for the mvp.

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Very odd result at the Oracle. Dame has improved every year that he has been in the NBA and will need to continue to do so to be an MVP candidate, I think we will win 45-50 games though.

I’m telling you don’t sleep on the spurs. They completely dominated gsw on the glass and the bench destroyed, which is a bit of an anomaly for the road team. Gsw’s weakness is going to be their size. 21 offensive rebounds for the spurs lol wow. They will still be favorites because as long as they are hiting from the outside you can overcome some of that stuff, but Spurs are gonna give em a run for their money.

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I really hope so, and for all GSW talent they do lack size and a bench & there is only one basketball on the court at a time. All in all they are still favourites though just due to having the highest offensive potential of all time.

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Lakeshow tonight against the Rockets at home. I think we are gonna be a lot better than people think this year. I’m actually excited about a Lakers season opener since maybe 2011 or 12? Since the year we got Nash and Howard.

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I thought the Lakers would go close to the ring that season and yet it required an insane season from Kobe just to make the Playoffs. The lakers should be more competitive but I still can’t see much more than 30 wins.

Well the Lakers management at the moment makes Manchester United look like Barcelona. They’ve made so many mistakes in recent years it’s put us in a big hole. I think they finally make the right coaching hire and now we’ve got a lot of good young guys. They were reaching too much for that quick fix.

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