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Another franchise would be crazy to take on that 215/5 Lavine contract.

if you have Jaylen Brown 304m/5 years… Lavine’s one is not that bad

At least Brown plays both sides of the ball.

As a 40 years Celtics fans, I just did not understand why we gave him the max contract.
We should cut ties with him if we cannot win the champ this season.

Clippers and Warriors blow it in their games and both are on some losing streaks. Ouch.

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Klay and Green only played 1:43??


Green, expected…

D-Rose lead Bulls were contenders.


Yeah 2011 they definitely were and would have been in 2012 if Rose didn’t have his first major injury in the 1st round vs Philly.

They had a good team and a good bench too back then, just lacked a good 2 which they tried to fix with Hamilton.

Rose, Deng, Boozer, Noah in their starting 5 and then Asik, Gibson and Korver off the bench was probably the best team they’ve had outside of the Jordan years.


Honestly, someone like the Knicks or a team maybe around the 8-10 mix probably (stupidly) would.

I don’t think any serious team bothers with him tbh. Huge deal and is basically just a scorer, those guys will always put up numbers on shit to average teams but the deal and their overall contribution just isn’t worth it for a team at the top who needs the right balance.

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Draymond putting Rudy Gobert in a chock hold…

I mean wtf. Can nobody check this guy?

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if you say this kind of results were a “contender”…
just reached one conference final all these years, not even THE FINALS, and you say they were contender.

62 wins in a season is a contender.

if you feel like to call them contender, alright.

You’re overthinking it ron mate. You’re a contender on a season by season basis.

A stretch of seasons would be more like an era.

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Did you watch them that season though? They were a great defensive team (Thibs was coach) and went 62-20. Only lost ECF to the Heat who were obviously stacked although not at their peak at that point.

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My definition of a contender is the team has a trend for you to see.
They have to be good in previous season and improving, did something special in order for people “predict” them as a contender in the following season.

Will you call the Leicester team that won the PL a “contender”?
I won’t.
Because they rode on form, and all other teams failed badly, so they won.
Previous season of that, no one predict them as “contender”.

I am not saying the Bulls were not good in 2011.
They were good and they had the great Rose.
Did people really think they could win all the previous season?
I don’t think so.

Bulls had back to back seasons of 62-20 and 50-16, 112-36 over a 2 year period enough to be a contender ?

0.756 over 24 months is pretty impressive.

Maybe not at the start but when they were consistently in first and kept winning games (They beat Liverpool and City back to back). Then yeah. In hindsight they would be contenders even if they failed to win the title. By virtue of being there until the very end. Actually they would probably call it ‘missed opportunity’ which would strengthen that they were infact…contenders.

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