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Draymond is a major bitch for that tbh Poole didnt look like he was really expecting that.


Draymond is too old to be acting this immature. Straight up arseholery

You can actually see Draymond tried to prevent JP from dropping to the floor lol.


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I just wish the Blazers would trade Dame for assets whilst he’s 32 and still holds value. Tank for a top 2 pick in this years draft and future could be bright.

Don’t see the point of being a middling side that will finish 7-10 and play in bound if healthy relying on a 32 year old Lillard to be a top 15 player in the league.

Odds on Draymond to play down his falcon punch on Poole?

‘These things happen all the time behind the scenes. Fuck whoever made a quick buck by selling to TMZ.’ Add some spiel about the ‘new media’.


It at least sounds contrite in written form

He’s only sorry that it became public.

NBA is back on Wednesday with some good matchups…GSW not giving a fuck about the luxury tax looking at their recent contract extensions.

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Home wins for Boston and the Warriors on the opening day.

Huge games for Tatum, Brown and Harden.

NBA Picks for WCF, ECF and finals ?

I think the Nets will make the ECF and finals this year against the GSW

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I’m gonna say Clippers finally get healthy and deliver and take out the Warriors in the West finals.

Celtics make the NBA finals again but fall short again.


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Westbrook 0-11.

Embiid stunk out the joint for Philly vs the Bucks also. Despite the 0-2 start, James Harden has started the season well.

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Lakers might as well start rebuilding, this team isn’t going anywhere, play-in bound at best.


Lakers should just pull the trigger on the deal to move Westbrook and 2 FRPs for Turner and Hield. They need more shooting (who doesn’t) and they need to make the most of what Lebron has left.

I dont like the Lakers but it’d be sad to see Lebron waste his later years being so far from contending.


That starting 5 has enough to win a chip in the right circumstances (players being injury-free being a key caveat). All those guys can shoot well enough to avoid any major spacing issues.

Lakers dont really need their picks like other teams do because they will always be a free agent destination and signing an established star is less of a gamble than hoping a draftee becomes as good.

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I don’t know much about Hield and Turner… but I do know Davis, Lebron and Beverley won’ stay healthy enough for a long season.

Yep, Lakers are done. They are totally incapable of playing elite level basketball on a consistent basis

Sure they won in the bubble but the mistake they made was trading for AD he’s the wrong co star for the Lakers tbh

Senior management/GM level decisions have been horrendous

no idea how Pelinka was not fired… he screwed up the team by sending out 3 max contracts…
Unless you are telling me he had something with Jennie…

To what extent, if any, do you blame Bron and Klutch sports ?

nah, nothing about Bron… I don’t like him but he did what he could do by being the leader of the team and leading the scoring and rebounding (probably assist) among all.

Westbrook was a bad deal, AD is a crook… and I don’t know how and why they got Melo (last season)… and planning to get CP3 (rumors)…
Then they get Pat fucking Beverley this season…

Bad contracts, zero salary flexibility and no assets to get any possible trade to make them a real contender.

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