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Lakers get Beverley which I think is a decent move if they make some more moves. He won’t have to have main ball-handling responsibilities and can do dirty work and hit the 3.

If they can pull off the Westbrook + FRP(s) for Hield and Turner then they are in a decent spot but still reliant on health of AD.

Getting a shooter in Hield helps and Turner can play the 5 to help Davis, especially in regular season.


That’s pretty good overall and health permitting. That lineup has enough about it in terms of shooting and D to be a decent threat. Again, health permitting.

Beverly and Lebron, clash of character
Interesting move

Disappointing for Chet and OKC

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Wow, wonder how much they gave up :eye:

The trade

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Cavs fleeced

3 unprotected 1sts, 2 pick swaps and Markaanen, Sexton and Agbajii

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You reckon? They should be a playoff team for the next little while at least. Not exactly sure when the picks fall.

Markanen isn’t a huge loss, Sexton was always leaving anyway as Cavs lowballed him and Agbaji was promising but still a mid first rounder essentially.

It keeps them relevant but Donovan will not lead them anywhere

It also includes a sign and trade for Sexton who is getting 4 years 72 million.

They needed a go-to scorer and Mitchell is still very young with quite a lot of playoff experience. Cavs will always find it tough to win tbh but don’t know that this is a fleecing as such

finally, a trade/news not about the Lakers

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About damn time

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Ime Udoka is a sick dude, imagine cheating on Nia Long!?


Wembanyama :face_holding_back_tears:


I want a top 2 pick, either he or Scoot.

Spurs and Utah launching operation tanking early this season I think.


Damn Dray got him clean

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need a lengthy suspension and hefty fines…