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Actually just realised Ayton has not signed an actual full max as he didnt get 5 years from Indy. Not sure if that rule mentioned above covers max money or max years as well. The 4 year deal is max money but not max years. Either way, I think they are prevented from trading him until January.

They can’t trade him anywhere against Aytons will for 12 months is what I just read.

Yeah Ayton has veto power for 12 months. NBA CBA is so fucking complex man

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Suns have matched btw


Huge error from Stevens as an exec

The fact that it’s now made news means that the Celtics need to try and get this over the line. KD Tatum Smart Williams White/Brogdon…that’s a formidable starting 5. And I’d imagine Horford was one of the guys offered in the package


Why is it an error Sev?

EDIT: lol

Messing with a experienced core of JT, Smart and Brown is the error, they got to a finals now they’re going to blow it up for KD who doesn’t fit culturally with Boston as a city or mesh with a defensive coach?

All three of those guys in their core have scope to improve and they will get better particularly JT as the man guy, Stevens should continue to invest in them and their strong bench.

Oh he’s in his feelings now lol

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The Nets can simply fuck off.
Take it or fuck off

Worst trade request of all time

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Made sense tbh. Big win for the NBA and the Owners

KD looks a bit silly but Kyrie, Simmons, KD and the other pieces they brought in are the best chance to win a title. It a great team tbf

zero confidence on Kyrie and Simmons

Another tanking year for OKC?

Awful news for Chet.

Guy just doesn’t have the body for the NBA, couldn’t handle contact in a game that has less intensity than an NBA preseason game

Foot injuries are a career killer for guys his size

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Seemed to handle summer league just fine and did a whole year at Gonzaga too. Those are pretty comparable to what you describe.

NBA teams are stacked with the best trainers, nutritionists etc so I’m sure they did their homework with regard to his body before drafting him high.

Yeah he is slim but he’s also 20 years old, it’s not like he won’t be able to add some size. Plus the game is no longer about big guys banging around in the post.

Kevin Durant wasn’t much bigger coming out of college and tbh Chet’s game is closer to Durant than it is to an old school 5.


Agree, foot injuries will kill a 7 foot 250 lb center but Holmgren is like KDs body type. They carry very little weight up top. Think it was just a freak accident.

There’s no one built like LeBron playing in college or the Summer league at a high level. Bron was playing at a very low intensity when the injury occurred

It’s not over for Chet I agree, He’s a kid and will grow further on top of bulking up. Will that be enough? I dunno we’ll see

There’s barely anyone in the NBA built like Lebron either lol

The injury itself looked like it came more from him landing than the contact itself which was relatively low intensity.

Also probably relevant to add that this event got shut down because the floors were so slippery, potentially a contributing factor.

We will see how things progress.

How so? There are plenty of players with an athletic build with similar height and weight to Lebron?

These are grown men after all and not kids you’d find in college or the summer league who haven’t finished developing yet. You can’t really compare the NBA to that, Chet’s adjustment to the league was always going to be tough at his current size

No one said he wouldn’t have a tough adjustment, just that this whole idea he’s doomed due to his current physique isn’t a fair assessment.

As for Lebron, can you name 20 guys built like him with even close to that kind of athleticism? I’m struggling to think of any 3s built like that and a lot of the bigger guys (4s and 5s) will be slower and much less athletic which is great for a stretchy guy like Chet.