Banned Members


This thread is to keep track of members who have received temporary and permanent bans. The reason may be given, unless it’s very obvious. Much like our inaugural entry.


Dream on, dickhead


Luca from Italy has been permanently banned from Match Day Chat.


Luca From Italy suspended for 24 hours because of unacceptable comments based on the nationality of others.

Repeat instances will result in longer suspension.


Drayton has received a permanent ban for the posting of extreme indecent material.

We announce this decision with much regret. We enjoyed Drayton’s contribution just as much as many of you did and we never ban regular members unless we feel there is no other option.

The image posted was by far the most serious we have ever had to deal with, and we felt we had no choice but to make this decision. It’s not just a question of morals or our members never being subjected to such material, though these are important concerns, there are legal considerations in this case too. Therefore we felt there was no other appropriate course of action.

The Cunt List

AbouCuellar has been banned for a week following what was deemed to be a post which contained inappropriate language in relation to nationality.

A further announcement will follow by tomorrow at latest on some new rules we are going to implement around the ongoing use of throwaway or not do throwaway comments and remarks around people’s nationality etc.


AbouCuellar has been suspended for a day for trolling and general idiocy.


Oh man. Wanted to troll him back


He’ll be here in the morning :smiley: