The Cunt List

Not that I’m really going to say it was ok but the source seems to be a medical publication with a picture I somewhat fail to see how it got indexed under the search term used. I think in that regard we’re still a bit off from someone being arrested or facing prison time or whatever it is. Again, people should be aware of what they post, but let’s not over dramatize things.

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Did he intend to post it?

Supposedly someone can protect a nominally public image from being copied around by hotlinking it to some or other disgusting image etc. So they paste an image they believe to be something far more innocent but it appears otherwise


Yes he did going from the post history and yes the picture is on google but it’s not something you’d post on a board like this if you realized what is on the picture, which he definitely didn’t initially (at least that’s what I think).

my gut feeling it was a sincere and honest mistake. infact no doubt in my mind.

we have lost a bloody good member of this board over such a silly mistake.


what the hell is all of this about? Was something pornographic or something posted…keep on hearing about bans and a post and i am like whats happened?

We’re not getting into specifics. It’s been talked about among the mods for most of the day and needless to say it’s not a decision taken lightly.

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Right so I come back from boxing and a shit ton of drama goes down.

In any case if you use the search term Drayton mentioned (“large vagina”) it’s right there on the second row of Google images.

Honestly seems like a mistake, could even be medical or a fake. Clearly not some dark web, Tor level shit when it’s jut hanging out as a top hit on Google search.

Oh well, shame that, Drayton was a great member and one of few old school gooners online with loads of great stories and memories from before most of us were even aware of Arsenal. Might be worth giving him a second chance especially since the offending picture has been removed and there shouldn’t be any legal implications for the site.

I get the mods covering our backs from a legal perspective though, which is fair enough but reading this thread back it seems clear Drayton wasn’t trying to promote or share child porn haha



Yea, it definitely was and I would have gone with a strong warning in all honesty, but that’s not ours to decide. I’m just happy that no one got into real troubles (at least as far as we’re aware) by opening the image at work (or somewhere else where it could get someone in trouble). It’s as Cristo says something that can happen accidentally by popping up on google and not something you’d need to go too deep into the deeps of the internet to find.

But yea, also not something I’d really go into defending too much at all. After all it’s their responsibility as the (hosts)/providers of this platform and so they have a different view on this.


It seemed like an honest, if somewhat difficult to understand mistake, but it’s probably one of the only incidents on this forum that I’ve seen that genuinely have been a cause for moderation and the moderators to be on the ball.

Everyone gets given a pretty free run on here cause lets be honest it’s only a football forum on the internet but with things like this mistakes can have dire consequences. Sending that sort of shit to the wrong person, regardless of whether it’s a medical picture of a baby or not can send a persons life into a tail spin so it’s a pretty harsh lesson on Drayton but he could have been a lot worse off.


Agreed. Maybe honest mistake and Drayon is a good lad but with that kind of thing, you can understand why the mods did what they did.

Fucking hell that was a grim picture. Very surprised that was on google, i’m not going to search on the ins and outs of it and yes that may be on some medical paper but still.

Vile image :expressionless:

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Really big loss to the site this bloke. Never seen the image and out of character for him.
Has to be a line though and so reluctantly have to support the mods.
Thanks for some great posts though Drayton.


I mean that’s the kind of image search that anyone could put into google. Its like “large boobs”. Obviously no-one wants to go back and truly investigate the context of the photo, and I only glanced at it briefly, but if it’s coming up on google search the most likely answer is that it’s some kind of medical picture that’s made it’s way on to search.

If Drayton had purposefully being trying to share and promote CP, why would he do it here on Online Arsenal of all places where he has no idea how it would be received? It’s not like he was cold as ice, remorseless about it either.

Seems fairly clear to me that he was just trying to be funny and find a picture of a vagina to put in here (The CUNT List) and it all ended up going terribly wrong.

Now, putting an NSFW picture in a non-NSFW thread with no warning - now that’s a stupid thing to do, and something no-one can really defend him for.

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Yeh, I agree. If it really is on google search right there I think the site would be pretty protected from any kind of damage/lawsuit, no, as it’s clearly not his property? Oh well, don’t see the decision being reversed after such a post from the mods. Poor Draytoncito. :disappointed:

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The issue is that if he searched what he searched there would have been plenty of images he could have used that wouldn’t have resulted in a ban. The particular image he picked was vile and disgusting. And frankly, I scrolled past that image at work if anybody was watching I never would have been able to explain myself.

He went out of his way to select that particular image before he posted it. He was well aware of what he was posting. Maybe he was naive to the consequences but he made the choice to post that image.


Sure you would’ve. It would’ve been embarrassing perhaps but it would simply be a matter of showing them the website you are viewing.

The guy is a character, he probably just chose the grossest image that came up without much thought, it wasn’t intelligent or funny but I doubt he was well aware of what he was posting and surely was naive to the potential consequences.


You reap what you sow! Can’t think why but I will be smiling to myself all day, well done mods for doing the right thing :joy:

I don’t really think there’s anyway that anybody could really justify what he did if I’m honest. Describing that image as gross is an understatement.

If I’m honest @Cristo and @PPB already have, and convincingly at that.

Sure, no one disagrees about the extremity of the picture, I just used gross cause it’s the first word that popped in my mind, but I certainly have no objection to ‘vile’ ‘repulsive’ ‘nasty’ or ‘disgusting’, considering a brief look at it almost made me vomit my coffee and afternoon snack.

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I’m guessing this image just passed by Google’s SafeSearch filter that is meant to restrict this stuff coming up on an image search. Maybe as an image linked to some medical content that enabled it to bypass.

In terms of people talking about ‘legal issues’ and the like, in regard to the above, it is a pic freely displayed on Google Images, likely under the same Commons licence as the overwhelming majority of other images. There is no legal issue