The Cunt List


Time to revive this from the old site.

Fittingly the first entry is @Calum for posting an Ellie Goulding NSFW thread that was entirely safe for work.


Every cunt who said we should rest players tonight because we had no chance of topping the group.


Fuck me, two posts in and Maureen hasn’t put in appearance yet. Sorted.


Anyone who goes to see that Coca cola truck. Ffs.


Harry Fucking Redknapp.






Jordi Alba.



In Bruges is a fucking great movie


Any cunt that has a Spuds player in their FF team

Stoke - all cunts, especially Charlie Adam. He’s a dirty sneaky cunt

Diego Costa

Drivers who use their phones whilst driving


This !


Busquets tops that list for me followed closely by Messi


@Persona, until he finally drops his pretentious cuntish username and gets back to being the bloody doctor. :ozil2:


Calvero would be good as well. Persona is just bloody weird! :bellerin:


Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, the more I learn about this unfortunate character, the more I want his head taken off by a kangaroo.


I’m too old to be named after a kiddies show character. Instead, I choose to name myself after a film that I did not understand in a language I do not understand…

…Like an adult.

Calvero is a melancholic clown. It’s…Too close to home. :wink:


Fuck off.


Supermoons…Always about when the skies are cloudy(in UK)…CUNTs.




When the fuck did the supermoon become a thing exactly? I’m cough only cough 34 but I never heard of a supermoon until a couple of years ago.

Also I was reading today about how some flights into London had been cancelled because of ‘freezing’ fog. Has fog gotten colder this fucking winter or something?

(Not specifically asking you slag just some general half cut ranting here :))


That’s a damn fine Len impression mate.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic :wink: