UEFA Champions League


Wtf luca is perm banned ? U cant be serious guys. He is 50% of this forum !


Should be enough to buy Fraudiola a dick.

Didn’t know it was permanent. Damn, man

We didnt have a chance to say goodbye :frowning_face: mods should unban for 1 day to let him have his testimonial tbh

Explaination for Luca’s departure can be read here guys:

How was this not a red?!



Damn, another gone.

What did he specifically say? I swear I hear all the time about him crossing the line but rarely ever see it. Is it just lost in the Match Day wave of posts?

It’s probably best you check out the randomly nothing thread @GC-Maniac for a full explanation, as all the chatter about Luca is going on in there, and don’t really want to derail this thread particularly. It’s basically a multitude of things over several years, and has become no longer possible to manage.

Anywho, back to the thread in hand. Let’s hope for a Messi masterclass against the Mancs tomorrow :kos2:

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Maybe your line differs from the collective mod hive mind one.

So the stadium is working out then maybe. That atmosphere played its part for them in a way that Wembley wouldnt have.
Ffs they were virtually out of this comp after the first 3 games of the group stage. Feels like a long time ago we beat Barca now on our one and only real big Emirates night.
Hard night for us in all honesty to experience nights like these.

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Credit to Spurs they soaked up pressure and defended very well when they had to, professional performance by them. Not sure as to why it took so long for pep to make the substitutions ?

Penalty save by Lloris is now looking even bigger, not sure if 1-0 will be enough, but if they score at the Etihad it might just be.

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it’s ok, in the end they will have won nothing and put the pressure on and that’s all anybody will (not) remember.

Poochy said Kane might be out for the rest of the season. Son made sure they coped extraordinarily well without 'arry last time around, can he do it again?

Blue moon is a fun read tonight. Pep getting called a coward and a bottler.:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I couldn’t believe this

C’MON AJAX!!! :x: :x: :x:


Me as well, in fact I still think spurs will go on and win the whole competition.
They have been well organised and haven’t really looked in any trouble.
They have a good defensive record in the competition so if spurs get a goal at Man City, which isn’t unlikely, then Man City are going to have to score three, which doesn’t seem as likely.

That fucking kit of citys is atrocious to look at. Kunt Aguero giving gooners everywhere they go today a bad Wednesday.

Hard week for you off your brother and Dad this week then, with Everton and Spurs wins. :zipper_mouth_face: