UEFA Champions League

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Will Arsenal ever make it by the 1st KO round?!


Not in my lifetime. Next question.

I want to win the P.L. again before :giroud:

We’ve got Xhaka and Messi has an electronic tag on his ankle. We are gonna win the cuppa del europe this year I know it.


First game in charge for Rodgers with Celtic and he lost against Lincoln Red Imps from Gibraltar in the Champions League second round qualifying. They will still go through, but this is so funny.


Errr what? They lost to a team from Gibraltar?!

And to think some 10 years wanted Celtic and Rangers in English Football :arteta:

My god. To quote Rodgers, that result is outstanding.

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Against a team of cops and postmen :wilshere:. The messiah is coming!

As someone who managed them on FM15 Gibraltar challenge. I feel strangely proud. :wink:



You are always ahead of the game, aren’t you? :ozil2:

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Apparently their left back drives a taxi and their striker done a 6 year stretch for dealing Class A’s. :sweat_smile:


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These things only happen with Brentan. It really shows you how lucky he was to almost win the title with Liverpool.

Ajax only 1-1 against PAOK. WTF has happened to Ajax? @Bl1nk They weren’t that shit some years ago.

Some years ago they had Luis Suarez, Huntelaar, Stekelenburg, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Vermaelen, Eriksen etc.

Ajax have been rebuilding for years, but once a player improves a little bit, the big boys sign him: Milik being another fine example, one good season now Napoli set to sign him for €35,000,000!

Ajax were unlucky tonight though, played really well, hit the bar, missed a few sitters. One bad moment from Cillessen costly. Can see them turning it around in Greece. Will be tough, but doable.

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What about El Ghazi? He was highly-rated some years ago.

Still talented, he’s so young. Bit inconsistent but I can see him become a decent player.

Would you bid for him?

Naaah! Prefer Mahrez

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I don’t even get excited about the Champions League anymore as its just so predictable, used to be so much better 10 years ago.


Well, then don’t watch it. Same goes to every other person that says the same, but will still be sitting in front of the television when it’s on.

1-0 Astana vs Celtic :sweat_smile:

Edit - I can see this getting worse for Celtic if they’re not careful.

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