Arsenal's Best Possible Starting XI?


Yeah Bellerin and Mkhitaryan were the ones I was unsure about.

Didn’t think two full backs there would be ideal if we want to have some creative possession when building up and countering. Mkhi’s quite a versatile player given his attributes. You could easily put Kolasinac/Monreal down the left side and Lichtsteiner on the right if we’re playing it extra safe but it does invite more pressure.

Bellerin’s mainly there because at some stage there does need to be a counter and our midfield and defence needs outlets. Bellerin still has the ability to transition quickly from a defensive position to getting behind the full backs.


Surely our best Emery 4-2-3-1 has become clearer after today.


I said this team before the season started and I still think it is the best we can do.

Unless Emery can turn Bellerin, Mustafi and Socratis into proper defensive players we are stuck with it.

I just hope Emery isn’t as stubborn as Wenger and doesn’t persist with the same under performing defenders and sorts it out it in the next transfer window.


4231 isn’t the best formation with this current team need to change formation to something that fits the players that we have available