Arsenal's Best Possible Starting XI?


Here is a controversial starting line up.



Too much defensive work left to Torreira in that line up, can’t really see it eventuating.


I thought that but looks good going forward.
I thought Lacazette started to get a bit of form tav the end of last season, so it would be good to see him starting somewhere for us.


This is what I’m hoping for the most from the Manager. Tactical line ups and rotation depending on the opposition.


I’d like to amend my starting xi. Mavropanos showed the most promise at CB last year. Two Greek gods starting in the middle of our defense :giroud2:


I’d be surprised if Emery is going to play a younger player next to Sokratis. It’s going to be Mustafi and he might do better in a way more defensive set up.


Gotta put AMN in our starting XI he’s a fuckin beast imo. Gouendouzi probably beats out Xhaka considering his mobility and we’ve got Torreira now. Through our 3 preseason games here’s how I’d line us up.



You really do talk some terrible nonsense


Guendouzi surely has to start.


Very open to seeing more of him during the season, hard to not be a little excited by him!


Lich Sokra Musti Nacho
Niles Torreira
Miki Laca


I assume I’m the only one intrigued to see Xhaka under a new system with Torreira doing the buts he’s obviously not good at?


That is a terrifyingly slow back 4.


Sokra aint slow u donut


Too much waffle in this thread…:henry2:


I heard somewhere (possibly the Arsecast) that Sokratis is actually quite quick.

However, I’ve watched about 15 mins of pre-season so far so haven’t been able to judge myself.


Not feeling confident about our defence. Wouldn’t be averse to us going with 3 at the back in some tough away games.

Not in the 3-4-3 shape we copied Chelsea with last time though. More like a 5-2-1-2/3-5-2 set up.

It might not be our “best possible starting XI” but in terms of soaking up pressure and being able to build our way up the pitch and counter I don’t think we could cope any other way.

Obviously in the home games against teams we control the majority of the game in we could go with a more free flowing 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 approach.

But right now as we’re second best in most away games I’d prioritise shape and playing out from the back.


Emery is as likely to play Mkhitaryan in that position against anything resembling a reasonably tough opponent away from home as Giroud is to score a goal a lo Maradona against England. (Not the hand of God, mind, Olly has already done his Hand of Godroud thing)


Mkhitaryan has absolutely no business on that position whatsoever. Maybe in a set up like Guardiola’s when you play on the half of the opposition for 80% of the time, but even than it’s a big question mark.


I think Mkhi has more business in that position than Bellerin does :eyes:

Achieved absolutely fuck all when he played wing back.

I wouldn’t mind that setup with kola snatch and the lich king.