Arsenal's Best Possible Starting XI?


Play that formation and sign a winger, CDM, CB & Keeper in the summer.




They’d probably play better out of their pokeballs. Am I right Mysty?




You really think Kolasinac instead of Monreal?


Gonna drop Laca for rest of the season - let the new manager sort that out. We need points and he’ll get tonnes of game time. Not sold on Elneny, decent player but more shows the benefits of having someone with a bit of discipline rather than being particularly good.


Bellerin - Koscielny - Mustafi - Monreal


Ramsey - Wilshere

Ozil - Auba - Miki



Bell mus kos nacho

Wilshire mo

Ozil Mik

Auba lace




I think we’d concede a lot with Cech that far out of his goal tbh?


I’d like to praise you for your foresight but the initial post is basically unreadable


@craigie how do you do the formation plugin?

3 of these ``` (not apostrophes ')
Micky Micky Micky
  Ramsey Ramsey
3 more ```


I assume most of our business is done this summer, bar maybe a couple outgoings. So fellas what do you think our best starting xi is gonna look like??


I have no clue how Emery is gonna set us up but this is probably our best team.


My ideal line up and formation.


I think we can afford to rotate Xhaka now instead of relying on him every game of the season. Add some mobility to the midfield which is where Elneny could be of use.

I like the two line ups above. Depends how Emery deploys Torreira/what is asked of him. Elneny isn’t much of a creator whereas Lucas can be but I don’t want to sacrifice his defensive genius totally. Tough one.


Elneny? The only way he’s a starter is when the rest of the midfielders are dead.


Yeah any talk of Elneny being a starter just makes me thing we are on the way to mid table


That’s the logical deployment. We finally have a manager who will adjust the squad/tactics towards the opposition. Xhaka’s weakness is when put under pressure so it makes perfect sense to play him, especially at home, against defensive teams who will sit back and absorb the pressure. Against aggressive, pressing sides, the Elneny-Torreira pivot seems like the sensible choice.


You mean no one else just plays the same 11 players every game and hopes for the best?!


Ramsey as right winger is still very laughable. But Emery played Matuidi as left outside midfielder too so it wouldn’t be as surprising.


Having an “ideal” lineup is pretty much FIFA like. The most important part of a successful season is having the ideal squad - depht and quality wise.

Our squad rn seems incredible balanced with a mixture of experience and youth. I think Emery will enjoy the vast majority of different options this squad can give him.

As known through the reports Emery likes to chop and change according to the opposition, which will mean that we wont exactly deploy the same starting 11 each and every game. A speedy winger and our squad is pretty much complete. Future is bright lads ! #Unai4Prez