Arsenal's Best Possible Starting XI?


I just think Wilshere is much better suited to our style of play. The way Wilshere plays is just Arsenal all over, and he’s a lot more similar to someone like Cazorla that had a huge role in the way we played before.

Ramsey was doing pretty well, true, and I’m sure there’d be a position for him in the team but Wilshere comes out ahead right now imo.


Kolasinac is being left out in these line ups :thinking:


Sorry but football moves on if you get injured then you have lost your place. Ramsey isn’t anything special either. Wilshere much better currently


Monreal has been on excellent form since his return. However I’m happy to switch between Kolasinac or Monreal as I do believe they’re both great.


Right now it’s a no brainer.


Wenger’s attempt to fit Auba, Laca, Ozil & Mkhi into the same XI should be exciting :laughing:

It’s very unlikely he’ll find a way to balance a team with those 4 players in it and it just gets worse when you look at our midfield options, we’re going full glass cannon.


4-3-3 has never been ‘good’ to us.

4-4-2 makes the most sense to me. But for that to work we’ll need to find a better, more mobile partner for Wilshere in the summer and Wenger needs to install in this team that we keep at least four players behind the ball when attacking and not that the centre backs plus defensive midfielder get into one-v-one or three against four/five man situations.


I cannot tell where anyone is playing except Cech tbh


I did on the laptop ffs

` ` `
Lac etc.
` ` `

Is the tidiest way I’ve found to format formations that work on mobile if anyone cares

Laca Ozil Micky
   Cunt  Cunt


@craigie you should write a little football formation plug-in for discourse in your spare time. No idea how much work it is though :grinning:


but why do they have to be 2 cunts in midfield, cant they just be 2 decent players?



I can’t think of any other way to describe a Xhaka - Wilshere axis


Funny how I didn’t really get fully into the mood during the first part with the attack but when I started imagining having a competent CDM as well things started happening for me.

I think I learned something about myself there, thanks.


The Mountain
Bellerin_____Kos_____The Hound_____Monreal


Would be sweet if they’d let us play 12 guys!!



I thought that line up looked too good to be true! I’ve sacrifice Wilshire for the mountain!


3 at the back, bin off the wing backs and get Wilshere, Ramsey, ozil, Mikhtaryan, lacazette and Auba all in the same team :sunglasses::grimacing:



Would like to play a variation of a 433. Miki and Özil freely rotating as well as Auba and Laca as a front two. The width can come from Bellerin and Nacho because they always bomb forward and then Elneny will almost form a back three with Kosh and Mustafi. I rate Mustafi but yeah a couple times this year it seems his head has been elsewhere. The Swansea match sounded like a nightmare, but earlier in the year i can’t forget the mistake he made (lolpool?) then feigned injury to get taken off. That’s kind of a Walcott “they wanted it more” moment for me. So if we can pull off another transfer miracle and get Manolas I’d be over the fuckin moon. Luiz I’ll take although I don’t rate him but he tries hard.