Arsenal's Best Possible Starting XI?


If no other purchases are made and nobody is shipped off either, based upon the preseason, what is our best possible starting xi?


Most positions are pretty locked up, however Ox has been playing great and Bellerin has been quite the opposite. I don’t know how you can spend 50m on a striker and then he’s outplayed by Theo…


Why on earth would Theo be our starting striker? He’s never been good enough there and shouldn’t be anywhere near a starting position at this club. You’re trolling. You have to be.

If that’s our starting 11 going into the season then we have virtually no hope this season.


Based upon the preseason: why Mustafi and Alexis are in the XI? :eyes:


Because anyone who’s played in their already locked down positions has been pretty shit. Welbeck was booboo today, and Holding didn’t do anything to make me think he deserves a starting spot ahead of Mustafi who’s proven at CB.


I think we can make the XI for the Community Shield basing the judgment on pre-season games, but not the best possible XI for the season.

In my opinion we will play at Wembley with Ospina; Holding, Mertesacker, Monreal; Oxlade, Ramsey, Xhaka, Kolasinac; Ozil, Lacazette, Giroud.


I mean, with the exception of Walcott, that basically is our starting eleven.


It’ll be very different in the season but for now if our whole squad was fit I’d try

Realistically Bellerin isn’t getting shafted like that. That back line won’t come to pass. Cazorla is practically uninvolved throughout. And whatever Wenger actually goes with will probably work out better than what most of us wanted.


I’m expecting multiple combinations of centre back pairings given how many options we have and Wenger being happy to reinvent players.

On paper the strongest should be Holding-Mustafi-Koscielny, but Monreal is so reliable at centreback he’s genuine competition for any of those three and probably the next in line


Lacazette for Theo and I’d be very tempted to start Holding, but yeah apart from the striker position that’s probably our best 11. 4th-6th place.


Theo as CF? Not even Giroud? And you already consider Lacazette a flop?


Depressing thread


Hopefully it was just an Europa League team :xhaka:


Agreed, based on current form I’d take Theo up front until Lacazette finds his form and settles in. Holding for Monreal too.


The fact we can spend 50 odd million quid on a striker and some people want to start the campaign with Theo upfront, don’t know wether to laugh or Cry.


Yeah, Lacazette starts upfront, won’t adapt to anything from a bench.


We actually have a rather large squad at the moment, so can see a lot of rotation happening this season, if players arent sold this month. Also depends on who we are playing and the competition.

When all fit I’d go with:


Mustafi - Kosh - Nacho

Ox - Xhaka - Ramsey - Kolasinac

Ozil - Laca - Alexis

I’m expecting Giroud to start over Laca till he adjusts. Iwobi may start over Alexis if he is still looking to move and we dont replace him. Holding may start at LCB with Nacho on the left too.


Welbeck giroud and possibly even Theo are all better than lacazette


What a ludicrous statement.


Our squad is so incredibly bloated at the moment.

Gibbs, Debuchy, Campbell, Jenkinson, Welbeck, Walcott, Gabriel and to an extent Cazorla and Wilshere and I’ve probabky missed someone out to boot. These are all deadwood players that are surplus to requirements but who are still on our books somehow.

And we haven’t fucking sold anyone to free up wages or squad places.

Deep down you just know Wenger won’t get in another CM because he still has 100% faith in Wilshere and Cazorla getting fit and being able to rely on them which everyone and their dog knows won’t happen. Fml.


Some of the statements in this thread - Jesus H Christ. Until Lacazette finds form/adapts? He’s going to do that without playing is he?! No way is Theo benching Laca to be our starting striker!