Arsenal's Best Possible Starting XI?


January madness brings us all together :heart_eyes:









Right I know Wenger is on a January madness but signing a city to play LB seems a bit costly to me :wink:

    Laca         Aubz
        Mkhi Ozil
      Ramsey Wilshere
Monreal Koscielny Mustafi

While we’re having a madness, let’s just reinvent football.




Can’t be any worse than currently :smile:


Keep Laca away from the wings. He’d be fucking awful there


Indeed, it’s Auba who’s gotta go out ‘wide’.


I want the team to play in the same formation we did on Saturday against place which was a 433 in name but Özil played in the spot I have Miki which was like a free roaming role more than anything. On Saturday we had Xhaka as more of a b2b with Elneny as the holding mf. So you’d have Auba and Laca swapping either onto the wing or central. I forget who played with Laca up top, Welbeck?? So basically same formation just drop Xhaka and Welbeck add Miki and Auba.


Two striker system with both having room to roam makes the most sense. Interchanging of Mkhi, Laca and Auba with Ozil directing like Bergkamp. I think Mkhi could have a Rosicky/Pires like impact.

Ramsey/Wilshere are at their best in b2b-roles in a diamond and Mkhi and Ozil have enough room to make an impact if we are going with a flat 4-man midfield. But Wenger is probably going to put one of Laca or Auba away on the wing.


Say we get Auba. I’d like to see this tried.


                 Bellerin Kos Mustafi Monreal


                  Ozil/Wilshere Ramsey/Mkhitaryan

Lacazette/Mkhitaryan Aubameyang/Lacazette Iwobi/Mkhitaryan

Bolded are the starters. Good old 4-3-3, would be interesting for sure imo.


So you start Iwobi and Ramsey over Mhiki?!


I guess you could start him over Iwobi lol


This is 100% the best possible line up for us:






No-one is 100% pinned to a position here, we want free-flowing and dynamic movement and I think we’d get a lot of that with this front four.

Depending on need and position, Mkhi and Ozil can come in centrally or move out wide providing options out there and being supported by the full-backs. Wilshere will act as Cazorla, bringing the ball forward and playing it to whoever is in the best position of our attacking four.

Elneny supports Wilshere, and will work to maintain and regain possession and dropping into defence when the need arises.

With this line-up you’re still able to utilise space out on the wings because if Ozil or Mkhi decides to move out and provide an option on the wing, Wilshere can move further up into midfield and provide a playmaking presence there with Elneny covering behind him. Mkhi and Ozil (and Wilshere when we’re on the attack and if he’s needed further up in midfield) just need to focus on getting the ball to Laca and Auba who will put it in the net.


I agree. We are more dangerous with that system.


I think Lacazette on the wing would be a shit show to be honest.




I still find it hard to leave Ramsey out though. I don’t want to shoe-horn anyone in, but he was playing well before his injury. He seems to be the forgotten man now.


Ha you took the words out of my mouth, was just thinking of the lack of Ramsey in these lineups, he was very important before he got injured


Ramsey’s been playing well but can’t do Elneny’s job and Wilshere offers more. Wilshere will get injured again tho