Arsenal Women

I’m sure @Mysty will be straight in to point out wherever the Arsenal Women thread is, but I’ve had a look and can’t see one.

I’ve been watching them a fair bit this season with my daughter and they’re going really well in the league so far. 100% record, absolutely blew Chelsea away earlier in the season, scoring loads of goals. They’ve got some great finishers in the squad, Nobbs and Miedema especially look like great players.

They had a closer call against Birmingham this afternoon who are one of the better teams in the league but came away 3-1 winners in the end. Fingers crossed for them, this could be the year they get the title back.


I follow the women because of their Dutch talent. Especially Miedema. Good call making this thread! :+1:t2:

Van de Donk too, one of my favourite names :grinning:

Arseblog have upped their coverage of the women’s team lately too. I remember seeing this tweet… :smile:


Not interested in women’s football so will just mute this but nice idea for a thread for those that are interested.

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The exposure these blogs are trying to create for Arsenal Woman does feel a bit forced.

It’s not forced at all. Tim Stillman who covers the women’s team has a genuine interest and goes to most of the games. And now he gets paid for it too thanks to Patreon.


Women’s football is getting bigger in our country and there’s nothing forced about it. The interest is there, the quality is there, and therefore so is the coverage.

Still at least if people don’t care about it, they’ll make sure everyone knows they don’t :joy:


I’m not sure said blogs would follow women’s football if those women weren’t wearing the Arsenal shirt. That’s was my point a bit.

So are you contending that the Arsenal Women’s team isn’t really an Arsenal team? Or that the Arsenal Women’s team in some way owe any exposure they get to the men’s team? Because if not, I’m not sure I see your point. Plenty of sports clubs, not just football clubs have mens and womens teams. There’s nothing artificial about it.

Arsenal have had a seriously successful women’s team for decades, if the mens team is the sole reason for their exposure then it’s odd that now is the time when they are getting more attention than at any other time in their history.

Indeed. But that is not only the case for women’s football tbf. I’m sure the men’s basketbal team of Real Madrid gets a lot of exposure because of the football team.

Actually, we do already have one, it’s right here…

:wink: Good to see a thread on the women’s team on OA again. I’m kinda surprised it hadn’t happened sooner. I remember 10 years ago back when Arsenal truly ruled the women’s game, that we used to get a decent amount of chat and update on them on here before it kinda fell away.

But there’s no question now the game is on the up and certainly more attention and focus on it than ever before.

I think the last time anyone spoke anything to do with the ladies team, was when we had that Dutch girl on the team. @Trion was a big fan :wenger:

Anouk Hoogendijk.



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At least post some pics of the team so we know what we’re working with here.

Seems you’re not alone on missing her :laughing:



There’s certainly a growing market for women’s football. I have literally no interest in it because the quality just isn’t there and it pales in comparison to the men’s game. But I’m glad the coverage is growing as they deserve more than they are afforded that’s for sure.

They’ve got off to a great start in the league, a great mix of Experience and Youth and they’ve been able to bring in some great talent from aboard while still bringing in local talent a bit like Emery has done with the men side. They’ve been blown away teams with ease so far. To be fair to the Arsenal women, even if they haven’t been winning the league agaisnt money bag teams like City and Chelsea, they’ve been a very good cup team and still got top 3 in the league.

Should be getting more love from the Arsenal fanbase cause that League isn’t easy to win like it was back in the day when Arsenal could bring in all the best talent.

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Not Bad :xhaka2:


She makes the right wing options we have in the men’s side atm look like jesters, move her up and over imo