Arsenal Vs Villarreal (UEL)

They’ll score, I think we’ll need to score 3 to progress or 2 and win on penalties.

I think we’ll need 4

Yeah then you’re basically saying we’re out, if we concede more than 1 we’re cactus.


Emery once had to just make it through a 2nd leg without conceding 6 goals, with thiago Silva at the back, and he couldn’t even manage that.

We’re still in this.

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I have a stinky feeling el neney is going to start this game with xhaka at LB.

I have no clue what team Mikel will play and am pretty sure neither does he but I think we’ll go through cause Mikel is lucky that way.

I’ll be a lot more confident if Tierney plays.



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Fuck it why not, nothing else to lose.

My thoughts are just progress to the final cunts by hook or by crook, I really don’t care how.

Having Saka in the middle is fine but who is going to play out wide and why does Xhaka have to be shoe horned into the LB position?
Is he undroppable?

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I think we’ve got enough players having to be shoehorned in unfamiliar positions.
We have ESR, Odegaard and Elneny who should take precedence over Saka there.

I don’t want us to go all gung-ho from the first minute.
Partey-Elneny combo has been effective before. It will actually give Partey more freedom as well to get forward.

What’s scaring me most about this match is not that we struggle to score, but that we show ill discipline and concede twice.

If that happens, even scoring 3 won’t be enough. The nightmare is to concede once, then in the dying moments we’re holding on to not concede again.

To only feel confident after we score 4 times is mental, but in the crunch moments I feel we defended better as a team last season and home form now is super shaky.

Don’t know how this will go tbh, but hoping for discipline more than anything. We’ll get chances to score and putting pressure on an Emery side won’t be hard. But please, don’t lose focus and defend like clowns


Why in gods name would you play Saka in the middle and Xhaka on the left if both are available?

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Who else do you trust with a set of house keys? Elneny? Cedric? Eddie? Don’t be silly.

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Arsenal are going to win this. So confident now, we’re going to blow them away


Think we start off with the wrong set up and somehow stumble across the right one in the end and find a way just about and get the win.

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Villarreal weren’t that good even when they were 2 up, it didn’t look like they were dominating and those goals were practically schoolboy errors…with the away goal and a full line up, it’s a wrap.

Cmon Villarreal stuff these arrogant cunts.