Arsenal vs Tottenham (Premier League)


@discobot fortune Should Mysty resign his adminship?


:crystal_ball: Signs point to yes


Not good news about a Spud supporter throwing a banana skin onto the pitch when Aubammy scored .


Nah I wouldn’t be fucked with that. Had to get a beer in before heading back to the airport. :sunglasses:


It was great to see players “up for it”, especially the ones that haven’t been here that long. Lich looked like he was up for a fight, Guendouzi looked like he was buzzing from the bench from the start, Sokratis was making everything count and Lacazette and Torreira celebrated their goals like they were in a world cup final.

Compare that to a Spurs side full of players that have been there for years and should really know what it’s all about.

They may not all be the best players in the world but most of Sven’s signings look like they’ve added a little personality that this team was missing 12 months ago.


I swear his role should be to be a sub and harass opposition players from the sideline. It seems to work well.


The good thing about watching this match back is that you can enjoy the things that annoyed you the first time round.

Case in point, Eric Dier being a total prick. Giving the big I am after half hour and then going on to be at fault for two of Arsenal’s goal. What a Spursy plank!


Haha I’ve been rewatching the highlights and getting the same enjoyment.


If anyone wants a phone wallpaper. It’s already mine :joy:


One of the better stats out there


@JakeyBoy you read it?


Think the below is totally untrue though. I think clearing of the deadwood, restructuring of the way the club is run behind the scenes was all done without Wenger’s blessing. And he almost certainly didn’t leave behind an excellent squad we’re short of quality wide men, poor in the centre of the park, light at left back and he left us a past prime goalkeeper who needed replacing. Not to mention our central midfield was a shambles.

Wenger’s work in his final years at the Emirates Stadium may never be respected for what it was. He was largely to blame for a gradual depreciation in results and performances, but he also oversaw their first steps into life without him. He rid the club of most of its deadwood, helped put in place a more secure body of power, and bequeathed upon his successor an excellent squad that could be moulded in their image. Emery deserves immense credit for taking Arsenal back to their seat at the top table in record time, but Wenger pulled the chair out for him.


After Chelsea and Inter the Spurs players might have been a bit drained to be fair :wink:.


I think this is my favourite ever OA thread, some absolutely fucking brilliant pictures in here and I’m struggling to choose one for new laptop and phone back ground :clap::clap:

Shezza getting in on the action :rofl::rofl:


I’ve gone with this one hah


a legit trophy for the spuds


I’ve no idea why they play Sweet Caroline post match at the Emirates but yesterdays rendition was fucking incredible. :grin:


Hmmm, have no possible idea why :thinking::grin:


Probably a good feel good song everyone can sing along to. Remember they played it after the Leicester game aswell


Haha I love it when I’m at a boxing event and I hear it before the main event. It always psychs me up and I don’t know why.