Arsenal vs Tottenham (Premier League)


Do it @Mysty


You gotta do it @Mysty


Is that my new nickname?



without the spuds though.:sunglasses:


Still waiting @Mysty :wink:


I was thinking you’d have a bad day, glad you didn’t


So monday morning is going to be one of them days when we all wear something Arsenal related where ever we are going or doing then.


Haha must have been electric in there mate. You picked the perfect time to come down


@shamrockgooner did you chat with troopz and DT? Will we see you on AFTV tonight?


I doubt I can pull off another victory in a major game consecutively :sweat_smile: Usually only create these if I have a strong feeling we can pull off something special. Not saying we can’t on Wednesday, but given the pessimissm before this game regards to the Man Utd game, I wouldn’t like to bank on it ha.

Let’s ask my old buddy, see what he thinks.

@Discobot fortune Should I make the next match thread?


:crystal_ball: Very doubtful


Don’t pick the games to keep your record up you bottler! :wink:


Going by @Mysty logic I should never have attended Arsenal vs Bayern in 2013, I’d never seen us lose live until that match.


I have a very proud MD record indeed, and I’m not prepared to fuck that up :joy: I think my last defeat was whenever we lost 1-0 to Swansea in that ridiculous goal we conceded that barely went over the line.

It’s like I said before, my magic doesn’t always work for every game, otherwise we’d be champions every season :kroenke:

@Aussiegooner Granted I’ve only ever attended a few Arsenal games in my life, but I have a 100% winning record AND never even seen us concede a goal :smiley:


The discobot prophecy is gonna come true. He already challeneged you to prove your mystical powers by making the thread for the United game, and whipped up a frenzy of peer pressure by the other OA’ers. He’s setting you up for failure :joy::joy:


Eh? His prophecy said he was doubtful I was going to create the next match though? Only members challenged me to make it, not Disco lol. How’s that setting me up for failure Kurt? :face_with_monocle:


I fucking loved this match. Throwback to a different era. Made me feel like it was the mid-90’s or something. The only thing missing was a nice steady rain.


You said you had mystical powers, I asked Disco if it was true, his reply was a challenge for you to prove your mystical powers. Then he immediately called u out for being afraid to make the United thread.


:crystal_ball: Reply hazy try again


Lololol seeeee ^^^ He’s challenging you Mysty :joy::joy::joy: