Arsenal vs Slavia Praha (Europa League)

Only just realised we’ve drawn tonight. This club :joy:

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Only 4 minutes + stoppage time is all these cunts had to see out and they couldn’t even manage that.


Best decision you’ve made tonight, saved yourself from seething.

Only just checked the betting app eh? :grin:

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Wenger, Theo, Bendtner, and Adebeyor put 7 past these farmers a few years back lol.

Fuck I’m just at work flat as a tack

Good to see the days of me waking every morning to a disappointing result are back.

For a minute I thought I might have to start waking up in the night again.

We will still go through :+1::+1:

Be interesting to see if he goes Lacazette and Willian 2nd leg, or he gives Auba and Pepe the chance.

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Right? Man I dunno, for me it’s a very simple team selection but Arteta really makes it difficult. I imagine he will choose a team that nobody will be happy with but they will be good enough to get a result. Probably like a 2 - 1 win or 2 - 2 and we will go through.

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Thank God I didn’t bother to stay up for this one. Actually, thank Arteta and Arsenal. I believe we were shit, like we have been for the last few weeks, and yet should have won the game comfortably and somehow managed to end up with a scored draw, conceding in the last minute of the game. Have I accurately summarized what happened?

Actually, a better way to summarize this team, this manager and this club would be SINKING SHIP.

It was a shit match but we’ll still go through. They’re scrubs. So what if they haven’t lost at home all season? That’s because they’re in a league with teams who are probably our League 2 standard! The accused racist might be back too, that should give extra motivation. We can’t let Glen down.

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More like conceded within the last second of extra time.

I’m not disappointed or care in the slightest tbh I was expecting us to fuck up as we always do.

Looking forward to seeing how we lose to Sheffield United in the slot that we lose in every time

That’s because you’re still on a high from your haircut :sweat_smile:


I thought it was a bold move to start Lacazette and Willian in by far and away our most important match left for the season and it backfired massively.

The 8 league games left are utterly meaningless.

This actually made me laugh :joy:

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Fine margins in knockout football. One last kick away from a very positive result taking the lead and clean sheet to Prague. Would have been hard to see us exit from that position.

Only positive is hopefully now we come out with an aggressive mindset in Prague as we need to win the game. Late heartbreak is better in the first leg rather than 2nd leg like Olympiakos last season.

Whatever way you cut it we simply need to advance, reality is if we don’t win this competition the season has been a big failure when you look at our league position and domestic cups.

Still should be qualifying. As I said, aggressive mindset required in the return leg might work in our favour