Arsenal vs Rennes (Europa League) Last 16 2nd leg


Worried yet?


No, give me a few days.


A lot of players from that match are gonna play against Rennes, most of them spent quite a lot of energy, do not be surprised if we look sluggish on Thursday.


Hopefully :mkhi: is back.


Yep, just like the Spurs match had no bearing on the first leg, and the first leg had no bearing on the United match.




Massive boost. Rennes will be gutted.

“The appeal lodged by Arsenal FC has been partially upheld. To suspend the Arsenal FC player Alexandre Lacazette for two (2) Uefa competition matches for which he would be otherwise eligible for serious rough play.

“Note: Lacazette has already served the two-match suspension following Arsenal FC’s Uefa Europa League matches - round of 32 second-leg match against BATE Borisov on February 21, and round of 16 first-leg match against Rennes on March 7.”


Good news :auba:




Very good news. Gives us a better chance of getting the result we need.

I think we will definitely win the match but feel like we are bound to concede with all the players we will have to throw forward, especially if we still need goals going into the final 20 mins


When Emery’s going to keep Laca on the bench



Get in. We need our strikers in this match and having both is a major boost!


LACABOOM is back! Fucking yes! :laca:

@shamrockgooner incase you fancied a flutter


WE GOT HIM! Gonna run riot now! C’mon! :fire:!


You’re a poor mofo. :joy::joy::clap::clap::joy::joy:


Poor how?

Do you expect me to have lots of money on my sky bet? :joy: Why would I do that haha. Thats just what’s left in it from older bets


Plot twist. Shammy jinx predicts 6-0 every match to prevent us ever actually winning 6-0, and we’ll only achieve a 6-0 when he no longer posts before a game. He’s holding us back :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn bro. Let me know if you need some financial backing.


You are a lord. You must have a spare few bob? Much can you give?


Nah, stop trying to finesse your way out of it. You’re worse than Arsenal. :joy:
(all jokes btw :wink:)


I’m keeping my money. Don’t want to waste it on a Mustafi :wenger: