Arsenal vs Rennes (Europa League) Last 16 2nd leg


Thursday 14th March 2019
Emirates Stadium
KO 20:00
Live on BT Sport

  • Arsenal win after 90 mins, advance to QF
  • Arsenal win after extra time, advance to QF
  • Arsenal win on penalties, advance to QF
  • Arsenal win on the night (90 mins) but knocked out.
  • Draw after 90 mins, knocked out
  • Rennes win in normal time, advance to QF
  • Rennes win after extra time, advance to QF
  • Rennes win on penalties, advance to QF

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After a frankly lackuster away performance in France, it’s time for the return leg. After a brilliant victory against Man Utd in the league, a much needed boost ahead of this game. Currently the tie stands 3-1 in favour of Rennes, with work very much to do for Arsenal. The objective is simple enough, attack attack attack,

Unfortunately we’re without Laca once again for this tie, as well as Sokratis suspended which is a blow, but we still have enough quality to get a result. Really need everyone to be on their A-game for this one. We can afford to give it our all as this is, amazingly is our final match we’ll be playing in March, before a long break kicks in, with no game to worry about at the weekend.

It’s probably going to be one of those nervy nights, but I think we can just about scrape through. Let’s hope for once we can achieve a European comeback, and give @Phoebica something to smile about on her birthday :cristo:


Play like today and the farmers can go back home on their fucking tractors.


2-0 again. COYG :red_circle::white_circle:


We want more, don’t we?


Given the number of times we’ve been knocked out of the CL at the last 16 stage, i’m used to Arsenal ruining my birthday :unamused:


To The Arsenal.


You will finally get it one day.


Best thing about this besides it being @Phoebica’s bday is that I will be able to catch the whole game. None of these shitty 17.55 kickoffs


Lol it was my brother’s birthday today too.

Happy birthday dudette


Got the feeling this is going to be 3-1 Arsenal and go to ET, as for what happens in extra time I have absolutely no idea.


Ok, stop it now and don’t say anything else lol!


Gunners to win on Pens if we sub Leno on for Cech.


Definitely expect us to get knocked out.


To good to be true for us beating United and overturning a 2 goal deficit in Europe in the space of 4 days ?


Not to be a cocky scot but it’s fucking Rennes haha


We’ll prove how much of a better side we are than them and how much better we are at home. Once again, 11 vs 10 for most of the game ffs

Only concern will be if it turns into one of those where we’re hitting the post and bar every 5 mins but it just won’t go in etc.


I am with you on this one. Fuck them.


I think we can win this if we play like we did agaisnt Spurs and Utd. My only worry is us conceding a goal. Rennes have players that could hurt us. Play our strongest side and just go for it.

I could see it been 3-1 and going to extra time with us scoring before it goes to penos.


Yes, we’re Arsenal after all. :joy:


We still go into this with a weaker side than sunday. Hopefully united win gets the crowd up for this. Every chance if we go for it we can hit them with a quick brace, but its going to have to be full concentration.
Yesterday has taken some fear out of this tie but they carry the sort of threat we get punished for. I cant call this at all. Be gutted to lose this.