Arsenal vs Rennes (Europa League) Last 16 2nd leg


Yep. :santi:


Henrikh Mkhitaryan
Mild back strain. Being assessed ahead of Rennes (h).



Get in! Massive boost if true.


More concerned about being eliminated by a team like Rennes than actually going through tbh.



@Bl1nk, worried in your most famous’s quote? :xhaka:


I’m sure Liverpool did something like this last season and they came back looking utter garbage, not a good idea imo.


Didn’t City do that? Those fuckers totally lost perspective after that. Looked like a different side.


Solsjaer took United to Dubai right after New Year’s and they fared quite well after that.


Stan looking for a buyer? :unai:


Not yet. Feeling good.


This is going to be a tense affair, especially if we don’t get an early goal. Rennes have got it in them to keep things tight, and they’re playing for almost the result of a lifetime. I think it’ll be a nervy night.


Looking forward to this now, because we fucked up the first leg epicly this means this is now a big European tie and you don’t get many of these in the Europa.


Rennes have been screwed over a bit to be fair

Explaining his frustrations, Stephan added that the late announcement over Lacazette has left Rennes with little time to plan for how Arsenal might set up at the Emirates with the France international available.

“The first thing that was a bit strange was changing the first and second leg, this is now the second bizarre instance that has happened that changes things. Hopefully there will not be any more surprises!”


Cry babies. They fear us :kos2:


Fuck up the indigestion pills are better known than you


Hope Laca does a Ronaldo on them tomorrow. That’d be hilarious :arteta:


Not sure how he got away with this but its a game changer. I still see these scoring though and just hope they can be exposed at the back if we get the intensity right from the start.


Been given a solid having Lacazette available, I’m worried for Aubameyang’s form.


Indeed. We have to bench him and play Ozil and :mkhi: behind Laca.