Arsenal vs Man City (PL) fuck

Arsenal vs Man City

:stadium: Emirates Stadium
:spiral_calendar: Wednesday 2023-02-15T19:30:00Z
:soccer: Premier League


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Man City win

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The big one. Will we take the points?

First time in some time I don’t vote for a loss. :sweat_smile:
Changed the lucky avi too.

Need the Emirates rocking and the boys up for it.
Mathematically a draw would suffice but we can’t go into the match without a win in our mind.

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Voted with my heart.


We can win.
We must win.
We will win.


Mikel is smart. Leading his former boss into a false sense of security.

“Don’t beat Brentford, pretend you’re shit, lads. We have points to play with.”

Gonna batter Man City 6-0.


Can’t see us getting anything from this game.


have you suddenly turned blind? :henry2:

Must not lose.

A week ago id be very confident in an arsenal win

Now? That has gone and I feel like I would take a point fucking gladly


Reminds me of this.

Tbh, I can’t see us going in not to lose. We have to go for a win. A draw won’t be the end of the world but this is not the game to tell the lads to play for a result.

We are playing at the Emirates. We are playing defending champions. Two defeats and one draw in the last three games. The players themselves shouldn’t need much motivation.
This is the game to make a statement. A win here will erase the past results and get things start rolling again.
You want to win the league, beat Man City on Wednesday.

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Draw is huge here, obv want a win but will take a squeaky draw and keep them behind us.

We will beat City


We’ll lose but it won’t be one of those 0’3 reverses.

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I call a loss in this one. City will want to change the narrative surrounding their club. Pep will probably use this occasion to galvanize his team telling them they can shut the media up with a strong performance.

I don’t think we lose but not convinced that we’re playing well enough to win. My worry is that they clamped Saka last time and Martinelli is in terrible form. We need to defend well.


VAR to give us some bullshit penalty to make up for Brentford pls cunts

I think that’s the one thing I’m absolutely confident won’t happen. I think officials will go overboard to make sure it doesn’t look like there are make up calls.

Haaland went off injured? Any idea how serious that was?

I think he’ll be fine.

I was called the negative one a few days ago. Look at all the people predicting a loss here.

How about some faith in the team? Spurs and Man Utd both beat these guys the past month. Even Villa could’ve gotten something out of today’s game from them.

These guys aren’t Invincible. Far from it.
Will be a tough game but at the Emirates with the crowd buzzing and the bohs putting a good performance in we can win.


was hoping we would be in a way better situation in the lead up to this game but a win for us would be absolutely golden, 6 points ahead with a game in hand