Arsenal vs Chelsea (PL)


Not too soon. We should have won this game


Well, for once, so rare lately, I can say that I bloody enjoyed that! The result wasn’t great but the game was pure entertainment. :clap:


Considering we were against 12 men, we did well not to lose in the end. Should have really won though. The front 3 was fantastic.


Arsenal could and perhaps should’ve won the game, raising it at home just like we did vs United and Tottenham. Your prediction was way too negative


That was a fucking tense match. Haven’t been that engrossed in a match since Spurs, voice has gone lol.

So happy for Jack to get that goal, he deserves it with the recent starts and good performances.

We actually played well for the majority of the game but with a back three of Holding, Chambers and Mustafi we were always going to let Chelsea in - we were lucky Morata forgot his shooting boots.

I think a draw is a fair result but it still feels like a loss. After the Jack goal it felt like we were going to push on till that debatable penalty. Niles was good too bar the odd naive moments.

Shout out to Bellerin, been taking a lot of stick lately but his whole game tonight was actually superb.


Good game.

Deserved a point. We can attack but my god we are so bad at defending.


Not that you were watching.


Wilshere could’ve been booked twice, before scoring out 1st as well. Those damn refs and their bias against Chelsea sickens me


The second half yes :wink:


Decent game to watch, but at the end of the day we are 1 win in 7 against the top 6 this season.


Atleast we got something in the end. Glad Jack scored Bellerin made amends! Hopefully they can better this when we play in the cup…


It’s hard enough to support Arsenal as it is. I could really do without the refs fucking is over every match tbh.


I knew we’d be lucky to get anything from the game once I saw who the ref was.


One of the best Premier League games in recent times. Standouts for me were Özil, Hazard, Maitland-Niles and to a lesser extent Fabregas. On the balance of play that was a fair result. Quality wise we still were frustrating but our persistence and desire made up for a lot of that. This was a game of moments really.


Anyone who doesn’t see the bias against us by referees needs to have his head checked. It’s cleary as fuck.


Two pens in two games against us wtf…


But boo to all those who thought we would get fuck by Chelsea; we only struggle away from our house lol


We play them two more times this month right?


Bellerin was at fault slightly because he didn’t have to reach, he could have moved closer and crowded him out, but Hazard made a meal of it, terrible dive. I just want consistency if anything. AMN was clipped and brought down in the first half but we didn’t get the penalty.