Arsenal vs Chelsea (PL)



More statistics just providing how important it is that we manage to keep Arsene Wenger at the helm.


Do I detect a note of sarcasm?




Arsenal will win this one :+1:


Yep, team looks complete ass in defence, the Chambers - Holding pairing have let in more stuff at the back in than… well, hundreds of options to complete that sentence. Can Mustafi save them? prolly not. The one saviour might be that our attack does at least know how to score against Chelsea.






Morata… :rofl:

EDIT: OMFG :cech::cech:


Both posts though. Both posts. Both bloody posts!



MDC is open btw


pretty sure Calum Chambers is temporarily insane lol


Had 3 Chelsea fans text me now telling me that Lacazette dived

They are also saying that they would rather have Drinkwater than Bakayoko



We looked a knackered team ever since they equalized. Not good enough.

Chelsea looked the better side. We should of put more chances away.

Just as I type this Welbeck could of easily assisted a goal but no, wasteful again.


Going forward I think we didn’t look too bad at times. But yet again our dire defensive “organisation” let us down.


Too soon Boys


Still think the point stands though, we could have won this game if we weren’t so disorganised at the back.