Arsenal vs Chelsea (PL)


Good. We managed to score 2 goals so it’s not bad at all :kos2:


Oh good now I really can’t wait


5-2 Arsenal / chav games are usually quite fun though :thinking:


Not for us they aren’t


Still remember that 5-3 in 2011. What a game!


I can.


I remember that. I was messing with my fantasy team so much that week that I forgot to change my captain. It was Robin Van Persie. He scored a hat-trick. I always remember that.


Oz is back! Thanks god!


Wow. Wasn’t expecting Özil. Good team.


We are still losing though. Not 5-2, but 3-2 :wink:


Chambers and Holding. Fuck.


Didnt expect to see Özil in there - great news! Just glad I don’t have to see Iwobi starting


At least we have Ozil. We can’t have everything :xhaka:


Chelsea team. Remember their song about Bakayoko and Kante never giving the ball away… we’ll see…


Chelsea team looks good, can’t see anything but a Chelsea win here.


Good team. COYG!


Double Fabregas assist incoming. Our back 3(5) is suicidal and I can’t see our midfield being smart enough to see too many of the passes/runners going past them…


Relax, we are losing. Not even watching it :wink:


Luca: not watching it

Also Luca: what a joke. Referees hate us. Chelsea cheat. Hate everyone. Never watching it again



If we didnt have Ozil and Alexis together I’d have said nothing but a Chelsea win. We can muster up a draw now.