Arsenal vs Chelsea (PL)


I have been predicting 3 points on and on, but in this one I think we will lose. We don’t look good at all and Chelsea have been playing a bit better with Hazard starting to really find his top form again.

2-1 seems about right, although I fear we implode when we go down.


We are gonna be very nervous after Dean fucked us over so very easy win for Chelsea.


We are terrible tbf… Chelsea are a better team right now, although at least this is at home.


Ive got a weird feeling we might win

Dont quote me cause obviously I’m wrong


Rest players for Forest, theres more on it. Cup games should be focused on more now.


It wouldn’t surprise me, but i prefer not to let myself down so easy win for Chelsea.


It’s a horrible feeling when you know there’s nothing to play for in the PL. Only half way through the season and it’s done and dusted.

Happy New Year!! :smile:


It’s actually sad but true, we aren’t making top 4 and we won’t finish lower than 7th so league games matter very little from this point on.


Agreed, I think the main focus needs to be on the Cups now. If he arrogantly rests half the team for the League Cup semi’s against Chelsea, he deserves sacking imo. He can’t afford to look his nose down on the League Cup anymore. He needs to hope too he gets nice easy draws in the FA Cup and Europa League too as they go on as well, if he gets knocked out of those early plus top 4 out of reach things will turn nasty.

In terms of the League, I’d day we finish between 5th or 7th, at home as long as it’s not against any of the top teams we should win a lot more but away from home, I could see plenty more draws and defeats on the way. Especially once the players know top 4 is gone a lot won’t be arsed to perform.

Anyway onto the Chelsea game, if they turn and be professional they should win this quite comfortably probably 2 to 3 nil. Wenger hasn’t rested all his top 11 throughout Christmas, a few injury doubts too plus one or two with their heads on wanting out in January. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the old fool plus out a win, he always does when his back is against the wall. But see Chelsea winning this to add to our misery.


Ugh, don’t have the energy to watch this. Just can’t see us win.

“At the moment our injury list is quite long. We lost Kolasinac, Koscielny in the game [at West Brom],” he said. “The two who have a little chance… Ozil might have a test this morning. Koscielny is 30-70 available.”


This season should be all about the League Cup and Europa League anyway. To achieve Champions League football via the League Arsenal has to perform better than they have over the part five years. Our normal level/results will not be enough as last season has proven.


In our last six games we have drawn four of them, and I expect this to be the same.
I’ll go for 2-2 with Sanchez to score both.


100% starting so.


Why am i not surprised? Another reason not to watch it.


Surely Chelsea changing their name and signing massive monster things is against PL rules?!


We might as well be playing against King Kong to be honest. It’ll be the same result - they’re going to trample all over us.


Yeah I can’t wait for the two Chelsea games to be over


*Three :wink:


Christ! Kong is gonna shit all over us :neutral_face:


I had a dream about this match. We lost 5-2. Enjoy :+1:

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