Arsenal vs Chelsea (PL)

:stadium:️ THE EMIRATES
:clock430: 19:45

First game of the year against an in-form side. Can’t see us winning again, especially if Ozil were still out.

Not watching it though, as i don’t want to get angry again.

Final result?

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Chelsea win
  • I don’t give a fuck

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Easy Chelsea win and you will watch it :wink:


Yeah, probably 2-0.

No, i am not watching it, especially with Mike Dean referring us again. You know it’s gonna happen.

Was tempted by I don’t give a fuck but I hate losing to Chelsea. If Özil doesn’t play we’ll be lucky if we create one decent chance tbh

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always will have a chance with iwobi playing, dont give up hope :henry2:

Yeah, like today when he missed quite an easy one from inside the box :hipster:

Is the EPL so fucking poor???
They can’t pay extra to hire more referees so that we don’t need to have Dean 20 times a season???

Use the fucking reserve fund to subsidize the league now…

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Would trade a defeat here for a league cup win and progression to the final but the chavs should have too much for us over 180 mins. I think we’re more likely to win this one


Final result on wednesday:


0-0 bore game seems obvious

Nah…we are losing heavily.

Who is the referee? We need a friend of us this time.

Anthony Taylor :confused:

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Carabao Cup game will be much more interesting, seems like neither team will be motivated for this

Just great! The referee who was pushed in the back by Wenger against Burnley.
I give up. No chance to win without a little help from the referee.

Luca on a madness!

Why? Ferguson used to influence the referees. You win by playing dirty and cheating. The world works in this way.

Luca, go have a new years drink and a rest.

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I am trying, but it is difficult. It hurts :slight_smile:

Chelsea will win this 2-1 I reckon, Wenger has already got the excuses in complaining how they have 24 hours more rest going in. Chelsea are very solid at the back and will put away a couple of chances they create and or we gift to them.