Arsenal vs Chelsea (PL)


Yeah that was a soft call which completely changed the game.


There isn’t anything soft about it. 100% percent penalty. He touches him and not the ball.

Would be angry if that happened to us and we didn’t get it


Even Redcafe reckons Hazard should get a ban for diving.



You’re all catching GFI-tis and well and truly developing a complex now :smile:

Not much talk yet on our luck in Wilshere being spared a Red by virtue of two chav players running in the sight line of the referee :thinking:


Nah I’m negative Arsenal and our level of play but both penalties in the last 2 games shouldn’t have been awarded.


Luca get a gif of our penalty shout on AMN that wasn’t called, I’d like to see that more closely. Basically giving these soft pens the refs are saying you literally can’t lay a finger on anyone inside the box or it’s a pen.


AMN tripped himself over with his back leg mate. Just bad luck not foul play.



Angus, even Neville said it wasn’t penalty. Watch it again and please, wear a pair of fucking glasses.


It’s a penalty, but it’s one of those soft ones that you feel he clearly buys. It just makes it worse than other sides seem to get these calls when we don’t. I can easily see it not getting given if it happened at the other end today.


Henry and Carragher said it was :kissing_heart:


And for me it is not penalty or at least very soft. If you have to make a decision against us do it. That’s what the referees are told.


Curious to why you’re engrossed by this. It was a great game of football full of many moments bar this. Also Wilshere didn’t dive per se, he was looking for it and was impeaded. Exaggerated yes, but not a full on dive worthy of a booking.


Dermot ‘Derm’ Gallagher thinks it’s a penalty. I agree. It’s just one of the annoying preventable ones. Nothing like the shambolic call at the Hawthorns


Gallagher should learn how to speak properly. I never understand him when he speak, the fucking scouser.


I wouldn’t have been surprised if it were a yellow, if the ref had been a lot closer, so that’s why I’m making the point


He’s Irish. :slight_smile:


Bonkers game - absolutely brilliant to watch… a few thoughts:

  1. thought pen was harsh, but
  2. Morata was our best defender
  3. We played well in attack - liked Jack, Ozil
  4. Good job Hector - been terrible lately but had a good game capped by a beautiful finish

1 point was probably fair on balance… we are still in with a shout on top 4, but we need to rack up a series of 3 points when we play lesser opposition.


In theory, Hazard should get the same punishment as Niasse.

But he wont.


He can be what he wants. The fact is that the Scouse accent is terrible.